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Faiza Urooj a known name on TikTok with having around 800 thousand followers. Faiza is known for publishing aesthetic videos that are like and inspired by many. Many individuals on TikTok who create aesthetic content I contacted for having their success story published. I really appreciate you allowing us to publish your story. You have proven to be one of my favorites on TikTok as your work displays an example of true inspiration and motivation. I am sure your work is shared and mentored by many. I really want people who recognize your work to know your personality and the struggles you experienced throughout your journey.

A Journey of TikTok user who motivates many.

As you may read this article Faiza is the true source of inspiration and motivation to many. Faiza after graduation developed an interest in publishing her work on Tik Tok and Instagram. Overall let’s try to know her side of the story.

Faiza, how did you really develop this idea of creating aesthetic content doing something unique and different amongst many tik tokers?

When I started using TikTok 2 years ago. I had no intention to go public because I thought it was all about acting there and I didn’t know how to act or maybe I was too shy to even try so like everyone else. How I used to use TikTok is just scroll (foryoupage) and one-day I saw something different on my (foryoupage) so I followed them and those accounts weren’t from Pakistan and at that time very few people knew what aesthetic videos look like so I thought I should try this but with something new in it something that I can call it my idea or what I think, feel, and understand so I decided to put some emotional and motivational sounds in my videos to make them different from others and I believe I was the first aesthetic video creator from Pakistan who used motivational & inspiring content in videos.

Do you only use TikTok for publishing your content?

As we speak NO, but when I initially had the idea I began with TikTok. I wasn’t on Instagram at that time because I never had a chance to use the platform. Having followers on Instagram is as important as having on Tiktok if you want to promote your work and content.

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Faiza many people know you due to your work. No doubt! Your fans like me want to know you as a person. Could you briefly tell us about your personal and professional life?

Why not? My full name is FAIZA UROOJ BUTT. I am 26 years old from Karachi Pakistan. I graduated from IU (Indus University) planning to study further. I am an introvert I hate crowded places, I don’t talk much but I love to listen. I have no professional life yet I mean I am not doing any job right but I am managing and doing photography for my brother’s and his friend’s page on Instagram with the name (therack85). I have skills related to photography, editing, writing, sketching, painting and, still learning gradually.

I’m inspired by your work. Trust me, I tried and still trying to get my work known. What struggles did you experience throughout your journey of getting known on platforms like TikTok and Instagram?

Thank you so much I appreciate that. I think the first struggle was to make followers on TikTok from Pakistan because as I said earlier at the beginning very few people knew so I had followers from other countries like Canada, UK, and the USA because my videos were trending on the USA for you page my majority of content is in English I think that is the reason it takes 2 years to make almost 800k because not everyone understands so for that I started uploading some Urdu poetries and saying to increase my followers and no one knows I was from Pakistan until I made an Instagram page, I am still struggling to have followers it’s been a year and I just have 4k followers on Instagram.

Did you ever experience criticism for your work?

Yes, I did even from my family and friends. When I started all were like show your face you’ll get many followers, nobody knows what aesthetic videos are, you are wasting your time, why you make videos like that just sky, books, and roses? It’s just useless you’ll get nothing you are wasting your money on buying roses. Why aren’t you making money? did you make any money? Questions like that even I am still facing. I tried to explain every time that my focus is on sounds and emotions more don’t just watch the video listen to it understand it’s full of emotions.

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People think getting known on TikTok is worth something. Is that true? I mean What do you have to say about that? Few even publish content that is irrelevant just to get known. Is there any income associated? Is there a career associated?

Getting known is easy nowadays but having good and something relevant to create and share is worth doing. I think it is a career associated platform because many people got work from TikTok or you can say because of the TikTok like you know people who have the skill or see their selves as a good model or an actor and a good video editor, getting work, making good money, and if I talk about myself I got some offers to sell my account but I never took one

What are your other hobbies and interests?

I like to read books especially novels and self guides. Moreover, I like art I am a creative person so I love to draw or paint something in my leisure time, I like to write about feelings and emotions sometimes, love to capture nature, and cooking.

What has been your toughest period in life as we speak today? Would you like to discuss what have you have been through and how did you recuperate through that period?

The last three years were the toughest period of my life. Got me heartbroken by people in many ways as I expected so much from people. I struggled with social anxiety insecurity, comparison, negativity, and loss, of my loved ones but whatever happened I didn’t lose my faith and never stop believing and I live by some quotes “the best is yet to come” and “better days are coming” just don’t give up so I moved forward with helping people through my videos I want them to give value to their feelings and respect other emotions too.

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What are you trying to achieve in life? What are your plans and goals?

I am making an effort to be a good individual. I want people to know me by my work and by my name so that’s the biggest goal for me right now.

What would you want to advise to all who look up to you and have a desire to be famous on TikTok or Instagram?

I would advise them to post something worth sharing and relevant for others from their perspective because our perspective changes us from others and we need to be more real at work, share some something that touches people’s hearts whether it’s something related to acting, knowledge skills, make something different stop copying others most importantly. “ Do what you love”

That’s a great Advise! Do Something Original and stop Copying.

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Does anyone inspire you? Many people get demotivated and lose focus at some point. Have you been in such a situation? What’s your source of motivation?

The first Source of my motivation is the some-books that I have read related to self-growth and the law of attraction “The secret” “The Subtle Art of Not giving a f*CK” was the first books I ordered to read and these books helped me a lot to think differently because sometimes you need something different in your life to help you grow because understanding on a deeper level is something you got by experience and the second source are some people (friends) in my life who listens to me understands me because “The quality over quantity” because some are better than many.

Yes, I do get demotivated as I am a human being. I am not perfect I get upset by people’s criticism and lack of understanding the problem with people is they just listen to know not to understand.

Thank you so Much, Faiza for giving us such important suggestions and recommendations. I just want to say that you are doing a great job. All your work is excellent and I am sure is shared by many on their timelines and stories. Keep doing a great job and we wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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