Are you rich or poor?

Money has always been a problem?

Are you rich or poor?

I am sure anyone who reads this article can relate to this moment of being surrounded with problems related to Money. Every day we deal with problems related to money. Regardless of you being Rich or Poor money has always and will be a problem. It is a sad reality of our lives. Money is essential and plays a very important role in defining one status in today’s society.

Rich or Poor both are associated with Problems related to money. Experience may differ but problems are associated. Poor lack of Financial IQ and fails to understand Capitalism and opportunities associated with being a capitalist. While on the other side the rich always look for opportunities for earning more and with each experience they learn and increase their Financial IQ.

Does money makes one rich or poor?

Certainly, that’s not the case. Money doesn’t make you rich nor does it make you poor. Rich and poor are two classifications that are defined by us, humans. Rich and Poor are two separate words but the way we define these words are the bitter reality of status quo, discrimination, cruelty, shame, honor, and words that may not explicit experience.

We humans have to understand the fact money is part of our lives. Some have more and many have less but what’s common in us is Faith, Humanity, Love, Respect, Family, Relations, honesty and sadly hate, discrimination, differences, culprits, deceivers. Unfortunately, we spread more hate, discrimination, and so on. We all have seen our loved ones who may now be in graveyards empty-handed while we visiting once in a while.

Poor or Rich both die and all they take or will be taking along is their deeds.

Anyways, I am not a teacher.

I am not here to preach to anyone as it’s your life and you may know what’s best you can do with it. I thought to write this blog as I think there are people who do not understand that Rich and poor are meant to exist and no one shall be blamed, discriminate against or left behind due to being Rich or Poor. I believe people lack essential knowledge and are living their lives as with knowledge they have! We have to change and look at all people equally and respect all as rich or poor. No one shall be left behind or discriminated against due to being poor or rich.

How Poor are valued

Our society sadly comprises of many differences between rich and poor. For example, we are so not thinking and be like if one drives a luxurious car and breaks the rule it is us who states they have the right to break the rule as driving a luxurious car worth a lot of money. Whereas, if one drives an old car or small car and parks in front of (Name kept confidential) Shoe store while waiting for his / her family to finish shopping from store itself the security will be like Sir / Mam you cannot park here. Sorry! Heart Breaking!

Trust me, it is not the Security or us who are to be blamed for such an act but knowledge is. Knowledge lacks amongst people living in a respectable society.

How rich are valued

Similarly, rich are associated with problems trying to survive solving problems within family created by family/relatives due to Money. I have seen rich failing tremendously. What I have learned and know that no money can buy a relationship but your existing relations can wipe out all your money. To earn money one has to be fully conscious and well. Not all but a few really struggle to maintain their family relationships experiencing son/daughter, spouse, being son/daughter, or being parents failing. Rich always hide behind their money and ignore all problems which result in a great mess if not taken care of at the early stages.

It is all in the head

Rich and poor are all in people’s minds. Whether you are poor or rich you will act as you are preached by your predecessors or Society itself. I believe people have to be provided with proper knowledge as both poor and rich equally acts difficult as preached.

  • I drive a small car myself. At times while waiting for the signal to turn green I have seen a specific community asking for help from Rich. I have experienced a number of times few people from the community not knocking on my windshield for help but instead pass by and approach bigger vehicles in expectation of more help. I always ask myself who are they trying to discriminate against and from whom, Rich or Poor?

Again, it is really not them who are to be blamed but substantial lack of knowledge. Few People really struggle with knowledge between poor and rich. Trust me there is no poor or rich. It is all in our minds as money really doesn’t solve problems associated with Rich or Poor but the right knowledge can.

Stop judging by pockets

People really lack substantial knowledge and got so much involved with a society where few started to judge the worthiness of one by their pockets. Sorry, but tend to implement and maintains fake relations these days to acquire benefits (Money at times) but not due to love or respect. There is no room for love, respect, kindness, honesty these days. Many judge individuals on basis of their living standards due to which few results maintaining fake living standards to deceive or reap the fruits.

I have so much to say so much but I’ll conclude the article.


Whether you are rich or poor I am 99.9% sure you must be surrounded with more discrimination, hatred, differences, failures, betrayal than love, kindness, humanity, relations, and happiness. Humans were meant to help each other and not discriminate and implement differences based on Money. Think about it poor can help the rich and the rich can help the poor without any hidden agenda and make this world a beautiful place to live. Let’s simply start with providing knowledge and spreading amongst people who lack substantial knowledge that no human is superior with more money than who has less. All humans are equal. Money problems exist but if you think right it is due to lack of substantial knowledge.

Earning Money is not difficult nor is maintaining relations. The problem is we lack substantial knowledge and we should start learning to increase our financial IQ to earn more being HUMAN FIRST!

The reality is we all are in a race that has no finish line. I wonder who is meant to win the race. You, you, you, you, you, you, or you?


Think about it and let us know are you poor or rich?

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Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:

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  • I do agree with u Zubair, it is the believe and knowledge we are carrying in our society where a person who earns and buys a small car worth a million from his savings and salary is consider poor and still gets disrespected while a guy who does nothing and drives his Father’s Land Cruiser is consider rich and has the whole respect and admired by the society.

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