Being from a Low or Middle-Class Status is not a Shame!!!


I doubt there are few amongst us in Society who are not ashamed of having their status belonging from a Low or Middle Class. There are people present in Society who showcase considerably more than meets the eye.

It is not a bad habit of dreaming or imagining your being Successful. What’s bad when you start showcasing your status more than what eyes meet. People lie to their known ones to build up a temporary rapport and while just to maintain hoax rapport those same people lying after lie and when things start to backbite they burst out of frustration and Shame. Such people later never gain the same respect from their known ones.

It’s better to display your status as whom you are at current with integrity and honesty while never showcasing something which is built out of imagination and dreams. Firstly, you should be proud of your being and if you want to achieve something in life start to step up and walk your first step towards the route of Success and make your Path with having a clear purpose and goal. I guarantee as soon as you will take your first step towards your success with determination and purpose automatically path to your success will be known and eventually you will start to Jog and finally end up running towards the same path being Successful.

Things never happen to exist based on a reason but are based on reasons. There are people present within our current society who showcase their belonging and are so materialistic that they totally forgot of them being human first. Such people undermine, disrespect, dishonor people driving low profile cars or living not same as according to their standards out of which people from low or middle-class status start to showcase themselves based on false rapport only to seek respect and being with people from reputable / Upper-class status.

In the end, I just want to say that always respect, honor, and help all you know. Be honest and maintain integrity throughout your life because what is known ‘How you act always come around’.

Thank You!!!!

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:

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