Does it really matter being thankful?


You really want to experience how being thankful really turns the table around I would suggest for once express picking up your phone mentioning how much off thankful you are to someone close to you for all the support they provide and for being in your life. If you are an employer call a group of employees and express how thankful you are for having them all working for you. Trust me, tomorrow you will see a different team with a totally different approach, implementing new strategies at work for increasing their performance respectively.

You talk about increasing sales, performance, teams to deliver on time then step up with all emotions, love, honestly, and express all your members about how thankful you are for having them working for you. If you need to change your loved ones whether you are in a relationship, experiencing clashes with a known person, or increasing the performance or productivity of specific employees out of reason simply call, and express with the integrity of how thankful you are for having them in your life. If you need to end certain clash with your loved ones step up and be thankful for all their support. You do not need to find a reason for thanking them.

You do not need a reason for being Thankful!

What happens when you are thankful to a person. You will see a tremendous change within them. They will start to care for you and will stand with you on all matters. A relationship clash ends when one stepping up without reason and thanking others to have other changed and start caring for you.

If you are experiencing ignorance from your partner or anyone whom you love call or visit them and with a pure heart be thankful to them for being your partner or being known to you. You will experience a tremendous change and things will get miraculously better between both while experiencing true, honest, and relationship full of integrity and love.

Similarly, without any reason always be thankful to your team members if you are a manager of a certain team or employ a group of people to work for you. What it does, really helps them thinking that if my employer or seniors are thankful and caring why shouldn’t I be thankful and caring to my employer or senior by working smart, focused, and with integrity allowing me to return the favor by increasing performance. They start to self-motivate themselves whenever you will be thankful and grateful to your employees or team member. For what I believe,

Great teams are lead with being thankful, having patience, professionalism, and honesty

Think about being thankful!

Think about it if someone works for you for about 8 hours 5 days a week don’t you think it is our responsibility to thank them for being with us and for all sacrifice they may have been doing just to work for you. Sacrifices, (Sigh) just try to know your people ask them how do they manage their commute, family responsibilities, and God knows what, to work for you.

I know they are earning but think if they can be employed or work under your supervision they can be employed by someone else or work under someone else’s supervision. You hired them because you saw something in them and if they fail to deliver 70% of chances are you couldn’t manage them well. You couldn’t have them performing. Try to work with your people, always be thankful to them and you will experience a tremendous change with their performance and productivity. Start Being THANKFUL!!!!

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:


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