Care & Respect for all to bring a Change!

Has a feeling ever strike inside you that he/she needs my help. Yet, you couldn’t do anything to help someone in need as waited for him/her to express the need for help.

We have people in our network namely members within family, friends, relatives, cousins, partners, colleagues, employer, or any stranger.

Ethically and being human it is our responsibility to help any in need of assistance. If you will not help, someone else will. As time never stops for anyone. What matters is you standing behind them helping.

Did you experience anything similar?

You may have people in your network as stated above who may need help but will never express the need of having assistance from you. That’s how it is with such people. They never ask for favors as being shy or scared losing the image and your trust hesitating offering assistance.

Personally, I recently experience myself having someone whom I trust asking for a favor. I asked for a favor from a very close friend to change myself and to experience if I can be provided assistance in need. I asked for a favor and literally was amazed at the response as I never received one. Remember, he/she may have their own reasons for not responding but I never change my attitude towards him/her. He/she still continues to be a good friend but (Sigh)…….

Well unlike me, people who never ask for favor despite knowing people who can help still never asks for one is only due to refusal or losing self-respect. So guys, if such people who are genuine to you, you trust them, please if they ask for some favor, and if you can help, please help them or be genuine to them.

With what I have experienced is no matter how much we help others doesn’t guarantee people helping us in need. Never help someone with the expectation of them helping you back.

Not being assisted in need and left alone is the worst nightmare one can experience. If a genuine person in your network seeks assistance and honestly if ever you could assist, never please never let them go empty hands. Help them being human and prove the existence of Humanity!!!!!

Stop helping and start caring

I have seen people helping in greed expecting a return favor. Stop it, please. We have to stop similar norms, especially in the workplace. Stop being pathetic. Stop dominating people especially (females) at work in return for unjust favors. Think for a while, ethically it’s not right. You can’t grow as you will have this habit of taking favors for giving favors.

For Every problem, there is a solution! Route2Success

On the other hand, stop asking for un-just favors. People have to stop asking for favors to grow especially at the workplace. Within family, relatives, and so on many demands for wrongful favors dominating the innocent ones. Please stop it! As you must be the cause of spreading negativity amongst people connected whether they may be your children, siblings, cousins, colleagues, friends, family, and so on. You leave a negative impact and later 60% apply the same strategy on others while reflecting the trend.

One individual can make a difference!

One person, one negative thought, one negative act, one wrongful deed, can truly result in the implementation of one negative norm/trend. We talk about the norms all the time. We talk about people bribing others for wrongful favors or needing solid reference of having employment within government institutions. We talk about it all the time. Have we ever thought about how the act of bribe and reference came into existence? Think and go back in time I assure you if you are wise enough to understand, it must have started with 1 PERSON bribing other for the first time, and that 1 person has implemented a norm of offering a strong reference to have him/her employed within Government institutions. Now, it’s a TREND!!!!!!!!!


Think about the people around you. Think about what’s happening around you. We all are surrounded by so many problems all because of negativity, the norm of wrongful acts for bribing to get a job done, or similarly identifying a placement within government institution through a solid reference. WHY? I mean we are totally on a path of ruining the future of our generations to come.

I always say this to my parent you have lived an awesome life. Now for our generation, life is full of competition and hesitation. We are surrounded by so many odd things that we literally forgot how beautiful life is meant to be. What many care about these days is who has a better car, who lives in a big house / elite society, bank balance, status, and urge the need of the same, and being reluctant to make most of what one has. Sad very sad.

Few are not mature enough!

People being matured still worst then children. If someone is driving a bigger car they have the right to break the law, ride on high beam, park their car in the middle of the road, no turning back even if being the wrong side of the road, and what’s more scaring is people giving credit to one owning a luxurious expensive car that he/she has the right as owns a big car. I mean SERIOUSLY?????

An Opportunity Knocks the door just once! Route2Success

Pathetic thinking of some narrow-minded people having no humanity and clearly unfamiliar with the difference of right & wrong. Come on people we have to bring rightful ethics in our life. We have to stand for right and not wrong. What we as humans starting to lose is care for others. Ehsaas is what we have started to not have for others. If we bring the attitude of being careful for others trust me things will start to change.

Start to care and respect for all!

Care means help. We have to be helpful. Help all even a stranger if you could. I would especially advise people employed at public institutions to work with honesty and care. The public comes to you with high hopes. Many customer service representatives tend to take advantage of and deal with people as if they are doing a favor. Well, you have to understand it’s your job, if for some reason you don’t like it, request to leave instead of utterly talking upon people coming to seek your services.

Similarly, teachers play a very important role in the learning and development of their students. I have not many but few students which I encountered stating teachers not being responsible; nor have the right ethics and bringing negativity amongst students. We are proceeding towards a devastating and heart-breaking end.

Let’s today all take an oath of helping others in need within your niche. We all have to step up and start respecting humanity. When we will start to respect all, success will not be far away from you. No person becomes successful if fond of discriminating, spreading negativity, accomplishing job responsibility as a favour, helping out of greed, playing politics, and etc.

It has been seen and if you are wise enough to understand it takes 1 person to identify and bring a specific norm at its peak. We have had it now. It’s time that we start towards bringing positivity within our norms. As it may have taken 1 person to bring a benchmark of discrimination, negativity and etc. similarly it will take 1 person to bring positivity and caring norms. Let’s all start to care for others regardless of judging someone on color, caste, status, or etc.

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