For every problem, there is a solution!

Every day I hear many sharing their problems. I am not saying it’s wrong. Sharing problems may resolve many conflicts and may result in offering solutions. But these days, many do not care, feel happy that you have a problem, and few hit you hard with more problems.

What’s the actual problem?

People every day talk more often about problems rather than talking about solutions. We have got ourselves so much into problems that we have totally forgotten about to every problem a solution exists. I am going to write one more time.

“To every problem, a solution Exist”


Types of Problems we have!

Many of the conflicts are seen in workplaces. Conflicts amongst colleagues, management, and the number game.

These days 80% of people are surrounded by personal problems. That is issues existing within families, relatives, and relationships.

Students experiencing problems with their college advisor, projects, exams, education itself, or others.

Many experiences problems in running a business due to internal and external factors.

Well, in simple words almost whoever is reading this article, I am sure must be experiencing a problem in his/her life affecting their education, work, or personal life miserably.

What happens when you give importance to a problem?

It starts to make you weak internally. It assists you in losing all your self-confidence which as a result starts to affect your abilities, skills, and experience in your niche. Personal problems most importantly help you lose focus at your work, education, and your social life. Vice Versa, your work or social problems start affecting your personal relationships. It is very common and many among us may have experience when one work is stressful it starts to affect personal relationships. Vice Versa.

How to avoid problems?

I’ll be honest. Start with not being arrogant, over-confident, dishonest, jealous of people around you, able to see others happy, and be Helpful, sharing, caring, confident, honest, and be SORRY!

If you are reading this article having an issue with a colleague at work, Follow and; APOLOGIZE. It doesn’t matter how the conflict started. Instead of taking it too far APOLOGIZE. It is difficult to APOLOGIZE for some due to Self-Respect, arrogance, and or ego. But if you are looking to grow and be SUCCESSFUL, learn to apologize and make things right. The person whom you will Apologize will realize, appreciate your act, and will never be a problem ever again. He/she will start to think about why I didn’t apologize first.

Similarly, apply the formula with conflicts being experienced within personal relationships. Apologize and get loved, respected, and trusted.

Life is short and if we give importance to problems, always thinking about it, and always indulge with heated arguments; then when we will not be able to utilize our time on work, growth, and for being SUCCESSFUL. THINK ABOUT IT!

Step up TODAY!

Please this is the time to end all conflicts if you have with anyone that is coming in between your SUCCESS. As if you will be stressed with problems, trust me you will never be able to grow. You limit your growth opportunities. You limit your learning skills. You limit your focus towards anything you will do.

For once, forget about all that initiated the conflicts and find a solution. If you lack a skill due to which you experience an issue I’d recommend taking tutorials and go in strong.

Many at work, education, and personal relationship experience problems with an individual. For those, I’d recommend to step up today, go to them, call them, text them, call in for dinner, coffee, and APOLOGIZE. By apologizing you will earn respect. End all matters once and for all!

Note: I will be updating this article with more content on how you can end problems. Stay Tuned! And if you need any advise, please do not hesitate writing to us at

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:


  • Very useful article bro, just a request if possible you can guide us how to fight against depression because thats a major problem today’s youth and mature people are suffering from, specially due to current pandemic situations.

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