Get trained on the process of being successful at work

Train on the process of being successful at work

I conduct training sessions often that give me opportunity meeting new people who I intent to help with challenges which are perceive as hurdles on the path of their success. It is certainly a blessing to have people share their problems placing their trust in a hope of overcoming challenges leading to achieving their goals and objectives.

I am discussed through many challenges, few that I have experienced myself through the course of my career and many which reflects interest and having me amazed on how small efforts bring a great amount of wisdom. After all in the end, what matters is having the positive attitude and sound mind to overcome a challenge and eliminate suffering. All it takes for an individual to converse and have suggestions through facilitator whose intention is to help.

My intention to train is to help people

I have the privilege of training all kinds of people ranging from fresh graduates to highly experienced individuals. Challenges differ from one person to the other reflecting majorly a common source. Source if not identified or addressed on time leading to distress and anxiety.

I am called in by organizations for motivating and boosting confidence of employees leading them towards being successful at work. My core expertise is in sales however, individuals do reach out for suggestions to control a stressful situation. Organizations schedule training sessions with teams specific to sales, marketing, Administration, Finance, and other for employee motivation and for enhancement of skills.

The purpose of sharing my experience is because I have found a gap. I have been involved in training people even more experienced than me but there is a common issue what I have observe is unconscious fear being the biggest hurdle in path of people success ultimately holding organizations back.

“It’s the people who assemble the foundation of organizations as without people an organization may experience difficulty to grow”

Fear being the biggest hurdle in achieving goals

Fear bring down confidence. Remember your very 1st day at work when you must have joined hands with employer starting your job. I have met many individuals who work with fear. Fear of maybe not performing today. Fear of not generating leads in the sales industry. Fear of management asking questions upon late arrival. Fear of not taking initiatives despite having skills and experience just because management may inquire asking questions. Fear of not disseminating information to team members or juniors conceptualizing what if they may succeed more. Fear of not completing a task. Fear of bringing ideas on the table, fear of speaking English, fear of not asking questions and Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear. It’s good to be surrounded by fears as it gives us an opportunity to overcome by learning and gaining knowledge. When you learn you become more confident. It’s a process!

Let me assure having fear at work leads to no solution in achieving certain goals. Fear leads to delays, failure and mislay confidence ultimately leaving you and your work confused and stressful.

Fear mislay confidence

Once I had this opportunity while conducting a session having conversation with a lady who experienced enough but newly recruited as HR executive by a new employer. While conversing, I could feel that unconscious fear which was being reflected in her personality. Whether it may be management pressure or fear of not being able to perform was leading her towards a dilemma and confusion as she wasn’t able to think about opportunities organization may have for her. It turned out she had fear of not meeting management expectations.

Fear makes you misplace unforeseen opportunities that we all dream of but only few bring about. It’s very hard to understand and many of you may even get confused and not relate about what I’m trying to portray. But, I assure when the right time will come you will remember this article and my words.

A person will never talk about their fears unless he is ready to take help and to ask for help requires much more then just asking!!!! It’s a process!

This Challenge…..That Challenge

If only we wish there may be only one challenge or issue that we experience at work. Unfortunately, its not the case! There are number of challenges we are surrounded with in everyday work life. Few may be so intense and stressful that we start to experience during our sleep as well. For people who are in this intense circumstances folks, I have good news for you. Having challenges is a sign that you have the potential of what it takes to achieve your goals. Having no challenges is a sign of you not even trying to achieve your goals and satisfied with all you have. However, it certainly doesn’t mean challenges aren’t present but it’s like you are ready to not even try to take the initiative to resolve that challenge and completely IGNORE! All you need is guidance and conversation with someone who may show you a different perspective to what you have been going through. Talk to me!

Sometimes overcoming a situation is this simple!

Ladder has steps. I am sure majority must have climbed a ladder minimum once in their lifetime. How hard it must have been the first time climbing the ladder. I remember myself shaking and waiting for someone to help me climb the ladder but with consistency I overcome my fear and speed of climbing a ladder step after step increased as well.

Similarly, fear of driving a car the first time vs. driving after consistent practice and training. The simple it gets if you speak with the right person showing the you the path and direction of overcoming your fears to resolve a certain challenge. It’s a whole process and have rules for overcoming challenges. Every challenge that we overcome is a next step to another challenge leading towards potential opportunities helping you achieve your goals. 8 ways to overcome challenges in life.

It’s better doing then saying

A major concern is most of us are left behind as we keep dreaming about doing things and time continues to pass. Fear again never surpasses courage to take the initiative whether, its calling a trainer for motivating employees or investing in a startup or taking existing business to the next level. We realize and trigger with motivation as we see someone from us having the courage taking the initiative and achieving what we keep thinking about. Time flies, and the best way to have a habit of being courageous is bringing resilience and confidence within you.

Having self-confidence is really important and you build confidence when you overcome your fears and start resolving your challenges one by one creating a path towards new opportunities leading to achieving your objectives and goals.

Trust is extremely important

Wisdom is gathered when you are known, talk to, and for being known its utmost important that whoever you work for or work with trusts you. To be able to build trust it is important to shed light on your work with meeting your managers, employers, and other team members expectations. The first step to be known at work with performance. Best shot is to overcome fears that will help overcoming challenges which will lead towards achieving above average results, ultimately people starting to trust you that will help boost your confidence. And when you are confident you open doors to new opportunities being more responsible, honest, responsible, and have more accountability towards work.

Being successful at work is a complete process and if you look forward to be trained for it or thinking to arrange a training session where your employees can be trained for being more accountable and responsible towards work, schedule a session today. As there is a lot to be discuss and unveil which can be done via face-to-face or zoom sessions after learning about your challenges and problems. Schedule your session today.

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