A Father is a true Protector!

Happy Father's Day - RTS- Route2Success
Happy Father’s Day

RTS- Route2Success wants to appreciate all dad’s out there trying to earn and putting food on the table for their family. Happy Father’s Day!

Who is a Father?

A father is a protector, supporter, caring, survivor, and Mentor. We all talk about mentorship and have this habit of getting motivated by watching Motivational clips and through other sources. But for what I believe is that a father is the best source of Motivation and whom you can mentor.

A father without any interest or advantage raises you, support you, have you survive and stand together with you at all cost. Why? Have you ever thought about it? I can’t answer because I haven’t as yet experienced being a father. Think about sacrifices your father may have made all this time raising you, educating you, having you capable of starting work, having you aging in your 20s, or starting your married life.

A father never complains!

A father is true to the source of Motivation. Regardless of your dad’s age, think about all he did for you supporting your childhood, education, college, university, work, Marriage, etc. Think about all he must have gone through supporting you without complaining or expressing excuses. What our father has been doing for us its something we can never repay regardless of anything we do.

Many of you reading this article may have started earning, starting your career, graduated, or probably a student. Things are as such with us if we fail to achieve something of our interest we start to complain and make excuses. Now, a father never complains, finds solutions to challenges on his own whether it’s financial or anything related to personal. He never complains or feel stress about it like us.

For us, if our senior does anything unusual we start to complain or if we have to spend our income with home responsibilities for instance we start to have negative thoughts and plan at heart for moving on with an independent life leaving your father leading his own. A father is a strong human being as they never leave you alone leading a life on your own regardless of any circumstances. He always supports you and will always continue to do so.

What I know is whoever I am today is because of my DAD. If he wouldn’t have been with me I am sure I wouldn’t have got myself a life that I have today. Yet some of us are so stingy that we fail to understand what our father sacrificed for us and leave them alone to live with all hardships when they need us (Children) the most.

“Just ask yourself what if your father would have left you alone to lead a life?”

To all fathers out there I just want to say that you are AWESOME! You are strong! You are a true source of Motivation and Mentorship! You are true protectors! You are Fantastic! Continue being best Dad to your Children!


Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhammad-zubair-ansari/

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  • Samrullah Nazir

    (June 21, 2020 - 9:59 am)

    Father is a pillar of support and whenever we need something, we run to him. I still do share a joke with my Dad saying Father is a natural ATM, so where my pocket money… Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts words and creativity Zubair. Appreciate it.

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