A mother has a pure heart.

A mother has a pure heart

Ami, mom, Amma Jaan, Mama, all represent one personality that is a Mother. Having a mother is a blessing. A mother is the purest form of relationship on this planet. A mother represents love, care, blessings, our upbringing, importantly our existence. Our existence is dependent on our mothers.

I am not having words to describe Mom and will need your assistance to describe a mother. There are friends I know who lost their mom due to COVID and other diseases. Leading a life without mom for all is devastating.

A mother makes a home better place to live.

A Mother’s presence in the home truly resembles the significance of home being home. Without a mother, the residence is residence but without resemblance of an important soul that brings joy and blessings in the surroundings. A Mother shapes home beautifully without any self-interest or greed but only because of the love she has towards her loved ones. Without any clarification, a mother lives an important part of their life taking care of her alliances. That is her lawfully wedded husband and her children. She lives for her known the most of her life.

Mother sacrifices a lot to give us a better life.

Mother sacrifices so much that if we start to count the sacrifices, numbers may not stop but continue to emerge. Every day a mother deals with a new challenge. A mother sacrifices every single day without any potential objective or cause. Trust me, if we sacrifice something it is due to some cause or potential self-interest. There is a hidden objective that is meant to achieve behind a sacrifice but a mother sacrifice without any hidden objective. A mother has the purest form of heart which words can’t describe.

A mother is surrounded by many challenges.

A mother experiences many challenges throughout her life. Word may not describe what a mother goes through but at times you may have experienced in her tears of joy or sadness. I know since my childhood I have hurt my mom many times. At some point with my foolishness, education, being a stubborn son, getting beaten, not talking at some point, and whatnot. I never experience her love minimizing for me creating difference amongst my other siblings. That’s how the mother form of love is. It keeps a fair balance amongst all.

It’s scary but we do hurt our Mother’s.

We occasionally do not intend but still, hurt our mother with worthless or useless talks over self-interest. I bet, a mother never may have reacted negatively but must have stood by pacifying others for our needs. Fighting for us with others.

A mother does not only deal with the alliance of being a mother but being a wife, sister, aunt, daughter, and so much more.

Sadly, I will never be able to repay my mom’s debts regardless of what I may do in my life. I can never sacrifice as she must have done for me or my other siblings. I have 5 siblings and even together we may not be able to return and thank her enough for what she may have went through for us. The sacrifices she may have made or making at present. She really thought us to walk and live respectable in society. A mother plays an important role in our existence. Who we are and how we treat all.

All Mother’s care for their Children.

All mothers are the same and feel the same for their children. A mother protects her children than one can even imagine. Mother’s love is indefinite and lasts until……………..

I pray, not to experience ever.

I can’t imagine what will I do without my mother. May Allah Almighty always protect her and all mothers living on this planet. Please protect your mom, care for them, and try not to hurt her intentionally. Always stand by her as she may have done throughout her life. All she needs is your love and care. Please never give an opportunity to your mother regretting the sacrifices she made for you. Always seek blessings from your mother. Mothers are forgiving and caring. Please seek her forgiveness and care for them as at this unprecedented time we are not sure what may tomorrow bring.

It’s our turn to care now.

Take care of your mother as she took care of you. Now it’s our turn. Don’t turn your back on your mother for anyone or for any reason. Now it’s our turn. It’s our turn now to take care and stand by with our parents at all times. Never hurt your parents for greed, self-interest, or for anyone’s sake.

Share about your Mother.

Happy Mothers Day! Please share thoughts about your mother (as a son or daughter) and sacrifices she may have made for you below in the comment section.

Share your experience being a Mother.

As a mother please feel free to share your perspective, your experience, and challenges you may have overcome throughout your life. We would love to hear in our comment section.

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