Have you experienced being Jealous?

We human beings at some point do experience jealousy at specific events. Jealousy is a natural feeling. We cannot control or ignore the feeling of being jealous as its natural. What we may control are our actions and path.

The prime reason for being jealous!


Few among us are so insecure that they lose confidence upon them, start feeling insecure, and start to develop the habit of being jealous of one’s achievement.

There are examples that you may find at work, in a relationship, and within families & Friends. Who experience jealousy out of ego or low self-esteem ultimately have the person tempting for erroneous actions.

We all are insecure at some point. It’s ok to be insecure about what I believe that’s life. What’s not OK is negative acts toward others! Many find themselves insecure at work with other achievements or not being as efficient as their colleagues. In a relationship, a woman may find herself insecure with a man as not being valued and vice versa if women works and earn more than man.

Friends & Families are one of the most common examples you will see around you being jealous of you or your family urging them to provide you harm of their erroneous actions. There are people who are insecure about you which leads them to be jealous and urge them towards horrendous actions.


The un-known jealousy

Being jealous is a natural feeling that we may or may not control. What defines jealousy is how you react. Un-known jealousy explicitly cannot be defined as one feels jealous in a positive way. It means, the occurrence of jealousy which will not have any negative impact on anyone. Such jealousy occurs when you are best at your job, other does not trust your judgment, and you sense a feeling of being jealous.

People with un-known jealousy experience jealousy but will never come into your path stopping you from achieving your goals. They will never provide any harm to you or be an obstacle at work. Such people actually get motivation out of your success and achievements. They may not express happiness but inside they are happy for you and try setting a goal for themselves that if you can do it why can’t I.

“Never share your aims and goals with others and never let people know how hard you work, make your success look effortless”

Rohit Kumar

They aren’t your competition; it’s just that they compete with themselves every day as they want to be successful in life. Seeing others, they sense this curiosity of being successful for which many judges being them jealous of your achievements but inside not being jealous and always will help you with anything.

Reasons for experiencing unknown Jealousy & Suggestions

  • Due to a lack of social networks.
  • The focus is on goals and success.
  • Workaholic.
  • Giving priority to education and work.
  • Confident with skills and work but not socially.
  • Afraid of gatherings.
  • Not being comfortable in social gatherings.
  • Others

I would suggest if you experience unknown jealousy start expressing happiness. Start being social and don’t just focus on work. People who experience un-known jealousy are mostly workaholic and lack a social network. I would suggest in order balancing your life start being social and start expressing your feelings.

The known jealousy!

What defines known jealousy? In everyone’s life, there are people who may be very close to you but not in favor of your well-being. Such people exist in all life. You may want to be very careful with such individuals. If you judge someone being jealous of your existence, achievements, and your success never I repeat never trust such individuals with anything. Never share anything which interests you because such individuals would go to any extent converting your interests and successes into a complete failure.

Such individuals never hesitate to go to any extent providing emotional and physical harm. Such people may be very close friends, relatives, colleagues, or business partners to you. As soon as you judge such people within your network never again bring them into your comfort zone. Never share your goals, success, achievements, and anything which interests you to them. People with known jealousy are usually very close within your network. You know them really well. You may not sideways with them and its best not trusting them, sharing your goals, and achievements with such people.

Those who at present are surrounded by similar people I would highly recommend not sharing anything which interests your success and you achieving your goals. I guarantee half of your problems and hurdles will be resolved automatically.

Reasons for experiencing known Jealousy & Suggestions

  • Due to a lack of confidence within themselves.
  • Surrounded by such people and looking up to them.
  • Start to think that they know it all.
  • Always think about ways to bring people down rather than making their way up through achievements.
  • They show themselves very noble and innocent up-front but inside full of cruelty.
  • They have this tendency to emotionally blackmail for which many falls.
  • They always bring harm to you through word of mouth or in different ways.
  • Such people are always in your mind when taking a step.
  • Others

I am highly concerned with individuals who developed known jealousy out of fear, insecurity, or lack of confidence. Change yourself as day by day you are digging a hole for yourself. It has been known for ages as what you do always comes around. If you would continue you would develop this extreme feeling of jealousy unavoidable making you do things regretting later. I have seen many regretting as life hit them back real hard. I have seen people losing being bankrupt and losing their loved ones in the blink of an eye. As I said what you do always comes around.

It’s time to balance your life and start trusting yourself having your way up. Instead of making your way up, bringing people down through your harmful and negative acts.


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Zubair Ansari

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