How and why should I say Sorry?

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Sorry is a simple word yet very complicated. Sorry, it can end horrendous matters of a certain period yet difficult to express. Sorry, can end clashes amongst friends, families, relationships, workplaces and with anyone in quarrel yet instead of apologizing to end a certain quarrel we decide furthering a clash just because of self-respect, attitude, or having thought of being superior and waiting for others to apologize which results losing your loved ones for days, weeks, months, years and sometimes for a lifetime. The opportunities and timeline you lose never come back and all you can think every day about possibilities of reuniting with loved ones and sometimes it gets too late to reunite. People are not meant to live or stay the same forever and by the time we realize it’s too late.

Few Case scenarios:

  • An example of a clash within families. These days a lot of quarrels are to be seen within the families. It’s the responsibility of our most important young ones to apologize at first as it gives a great gesture of maturity to our elders. If you plan to extend a certain argument within your family I assure you that will never end well and extends to a very long period that you may stay in the same house but never in talking terms hiding from each other not dining in together which ultimately gets depressing frustrating for both. You don’t realize at that exact time but when time passes you start to think and it starts to affect your work, education, and anything you will do. It is ultimately the responsibility of anyone stepping up to apologize regardless of who is to blame to end a certain quarrel. Those who apologize increases self-respect amongst too who they apologize and with time to some extent, quarrel starts to disappear within a family. All start to understand each other and start to take care of everyone’s feelings. But if a certain quarrel extents then life will never be normal with time to time you may experience a dispute.
  • Similarly, a trivial matter in a relationship ends horrendous only because none could step up to apologize and ending a certain quarrel in at timely manner but had time pass by out of their jurisdiction ultimately resulting in losing your partner for a lifetime as divorcee, breakup or others. If there is something you don’t like start to sacrifice and this should happen at both ends as no human being is perfect and work on your partner to change their habits instead of identifying that habit reason of an argument, fight, or quarrel and if it doesn’t, wait for time to pass by but instead apologize and I assure you apologizing a few time will have your partner realize and ultimately avoid that habit and will start to take care of your feelings. This is how a person shall be made understandable by initiating to sacrifice and apologize to have others to respect your feelings and you (Anyone in a relationship should sacrifice and apologize). Not by taking a certain fight to a breakup or divorce which results in losing your loved one for a lifetime.
  • Excuse professionally by directly and indirectly apologize if you are at mistake instead of giving reasons and prove your credibility by not repeating the mistake to increase your performance and knowingly being a professional employee at work. If you will state reasons and excuses for mistakes this will result in being your habit and always find ways to excuse from work activities ultimately losing your credibility at work and having yourself fired. Prove your credibility by work and if a mistake happens unintentionally excuse by apologizing making things right.

In the end, never extend a certain quarrel at a level where you may repent later and it is wise to step up and apologize. It is difficult at times to apologize due to self-respect, hesitation, and not having that go ahead feeling but what I know is we all are human and we are not meant to live forever. Thinking that never let a fight cross a certain time limit within your family or in a relationship. It is very wise to apologize and having your loved ones realize about where things can go if similar clashes remain to exist. No Human Being is perfect if you need to change someone start to work on them, start to sacrifice and you will never lose your respect by saying SORRY but will increase self-respect to whom you apologize. Try It!!!!!

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  • That is so true. After reading this I actually did apologize to one of my college friend and she was so appreciative. Thank you for making me realize.

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