How can organization achieve a competitive advantage?

I have been in business development for the past 5 years. I will be sharing my personal experience to apprehend, how an organization can be competitive constructing an impact in the industry. In order to elucidate well, I will be sharing more about how salespeople can have a competitive edge for an organization leading towards success. I am confident, your eminence to interpret well to implement few practices in your teams accordingly.

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Explicate the whole picture

Sales are lead by negotiation. If you are a good negotiator, sales will escort you to an agreement. However, if you shortfall negotiation skills, a hot lead may dissipate.

In sales, there are certain rules to abide by. Learning is one of many. Learning never stops in sales. Anyone who pacifies themselves as being an indestructible salesperson who knows it all, I would recommend reminiscing & all will postulate accordingly.

This article does not conceptualize how you can be an efficient salesperson, but my next article will. For now, let’s focus more on how an organization can have a competitive advantage.

Importance of sales team for competitive advantage

An organization uses inputs to create outputs for its external environment. Sales or business development team is vital for services or products being known to end users hence, elevating profit for the organization. In today’s competitive business environment, salespeople dominate the market. Every organization encompasses competitors in its external environment. Almost every competitor employs a salesperson for the closure of sales deals.

Entities work in the industry for competitive advantage, and are vulnerable, if the sales team is inessential. Real estate, insurance companies, confectionery companies, corporate firms, automobiles, and others employ innumerable sales executives debilitating its competitors having presence in the market. The salesperson does create an impact amplifying competitive advantage.

“The secret of getting ahead and uplift competition is to have a competitive salesperson”

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Overall illustration of this article is not about a salesperson but focuses on how essential it is for an organization to have a competitive salesperson or a team.

Don’t thrust and have patience

An organization invigorates products, people, and processes. As much as products/services are essential for any organization, some owners (leaders, management) fail to perceive the vitality of its people and processes. Without people and processes, no organization may cluster its route towards success.

Companies exist which harness credible employees towards total failure. People make processes; utmost authority lies with strategic & middle management. A company should focus on concocting a culture where all teams, understand their responsibilities, through effective leadership, success stories, experiences, and opportunities.

It is essential for management to have patience with people, principally with sales or other teams.

I lead a team of 10 navigators

My designation with my current employer is off Team Lead Business Development. I accompany a team of 10 members, that encompasses a team coordinator, Sr. business development executive, and executives.

Selling is learning and one perceives with experience. What many leaders, managers, and companies fail to distinguish, working on their people. It is the initial process; training, leading and directing a newly hired salesperson that requires attention. It is certainly not bombarding the new representative with targets, pushing him/her to their limits to selling.

It is more about having them understood the process. It is vital to work with them, recognize their weaknesses, and grind until they prosper. I am not a fan of allocating targets. Many debates, but what I’ve experienced in B2B; limits the credibility of a salesperson to outperform.

I let my team create their own targets! None have let me down so far!

Instead of monitoring, Mentor

I recently dealt with team members who struggled initially for about 3 months and last week one of them ought to be a top performer. Similarly, the second candidate despite working with him for about 3 months, struggled. I gave him a notice period of 15 days but kept him motivated enough not to think about it, and focused more on what he is about to lose.

Before giving him a notice period, a day prior to it, I set a new strategy that I was confident about him lifting from ashes. Guess what, he did. In the first 5 days of his notice period, he brought in potentially great business leads. With the mutual decision, we definitely ended his ordeal of being terminated and hired him on a permanent basis.

To all sales leaders, managers, employers, it is important to work on your people and create a process that will lead your people towards being successful. If your people will be successful, so does you as a leader, manager, or employer, and vice versa. Give your people a reason to bolster the company’s vision.

In sales, no similar information shall be disseminated to every prospect; similar is the case with people.

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For any organization, it is important to foster the credibility of products, people, and processes. People create processes or products. It’s a leader’s responsibility to give its people the direction towards creating a culture of honesty, integrity, self-esteem, confidence, trust, appreciation, and importantly a place in which learning occurs.

Regardless, of any team, whether sales, development, marketing, administration, accounting, all should be encourage with patience and patronage by one vision. Trust your teams and undoubtedly your people.

An organization’s internal environment does create an impact on the external environment.

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I assure about you being known of few practices to implement in your organization to compete with your competitors having a competitive advantage. Comment and share your feedback to add on how an organization can have a competitive advantage sharing your experience.

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