Is pandemic really a cause of the delay?

Note: Below mentioned statements are present here only to make people realize that they may be losing a lot and is not meant to target anyone in any manner.

Student: It’s pandemic and there are no normal classes being held and is online so I’ll delay studying until normal classes resume.

Employee: The market is down so it is ok to stop making sales efforts and will start putting in efforts when the market will get stable and the pandemic will end.

Employee (Remote Work): No one can monitor me so I’ll delay and just log in while watching a movie. If seniors will call or text I will get available. I’ll work tomorrow and who will know?

Employer: Let’s lay off people as what if revenue mustn’t retain by end of this month. How will I make a profit? Suspending a few minima will have me make a profit. Let’s not invest, delay investment, and when things will get better I’ll plan it out.

I’ll work tomorrow.

No human can be satisfied for long. It manifests that no human can be satisfied. Many industries are hit due to the Pandemic. Many businesses saw the current pandemic as an opportunity found their loopholes and cashed the opportunity. However, few excused as referring to the above statements and brought their profit-making business to almost a closure.

Businesses are just one example and its run by human minds. Any name is just a name until it is known. Have you ever thought about the efforts one puts in for having a name known? Who is behind any business success or failure? It’s simply a human mind or will it be appropriate to say a Human him/her self?

Fear is the real cause.

Pandemic, a fear that has brought many successful businesses, people, and students to a concerning point where they are not being able to think wisely and are negative about taking an initiative for achieving a goal. Let’s say, for instance, I have observed many people delaying their planned tasks related to job search, business investment, or taking an initiative. However, many have been optimistic and cashing at every possible way leaving their competition far behind.

There is less competition in the market and for opportunists, the current pandemic is considered being the best time seeking and taking an initiative about something.

Where it may lead?

Individuals excusing from tasks concerning the current pandemic now will always have a tendency to waste time. Pandemic surrounds without any doubt, zero questions asked. Hopefully, it will end soon but surrounds amongst us, has been here for a while and will remain for a while. In simple words, we will have to live with it. What we should now do is act wise and stop delaying our work, education, or any professional work that may be a hurdle towards our success.

Things that will make you successful like a business, education, job, freelancing, seminars, or others do not stop taking initiative to grow, enroll, or invest.

Transform to improve.

It has been observed students not studying, lecturers not being serious, and institutions excusing due to pandemic. If being optimist many loopholes in our education system can be identified and rectified. We should be opportunists and educate ourselves about using modern technology. However, many institutions, students, and teachers have been negative throughout not that they abominate the online education system but an excuse for not improving, taking risks because they take things for granted and not serious about being successful and compete with the world.

Similar is the case of employees and employers. Employers have laid-off many as soon as the pandemic started. Many employers did it in the first week itself. Two reasons: either not satisfied with their people or too concerned about their revenue as no doubt pandemic has restricted many businesses potential. From what I’ve observed many well-known businesses laid-off their employees next week itself as Pandemic news flashed. Few got fired due to performance issues. As the same employers hired and hired big. Many employers have their genuine concerns as the hospitality industry is one sector of many which have severely hit by the pandemic.

Other issues that we may be surrounded with.

Apart from the pandemic, we are surrounded by many problems. I am sure in our houses internally no questions asked, we have lots of problems that de-motivate us for taking an initiative. That’s something much more dangerous than external problems for which COVID-19 is one that the world experiences at present. Internal problems are much worst than external problems. There is a saying

“External problems can be dealt with but problems experienced internally can’t be dealt with as due to emotions surrounding soft corners”.

Closing problems is one of the solutions.

I will highly recommend avoiding internal issues being experienced within family or relatives. Do not get involved in it. Stay out of it and if people try to drag you, close the problem. Don’t extend it. Don’t get involved for too long as it stops you from taking an initiative in life. There are all kinds of people in your surroundings. Few will be happy about your initiatives and many will try talking you out of taking initiatives and not succeed. Identify yourself with all kinds of people but do as you think is better for you.

Finally, have a motive for anything you do.

Success is something that you have to work upon every day most importantly on yourself. If you work, study, run an organization, anything you do, I will highly recommend do it with a motive. Education, Business, Job, without a motive is wastage of time. People who exhaust themselves and tend to waste their time at work every day staring at their screens, playing politics, and talking performance on their own is because they lack Motive towards work. The same is for students, business owners, and all other relationships. Lastly if,

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Teams
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Couples
  • Friends
  • Marriages
  • Families
  • Other

FAIL because people lack a true MOTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:


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