It’s time we unite for Pakistan!

It is time we unite for Pakistan

I have always been wondering when my dream will come true living in a country having no debts, people respecting all, having a strong economy, and being exemplary among Nations looking up to us.

Every Pakistani reading this article have you ever thought about living in a Nation with a strong economy, opportunities, and most importantly with resources available to all.

If one has resources in Pakistan they plan to move in countries like Canada, United States, Dubai, and others. Reason being for growth, career opportunities, and settling for a better future.

I have always wondered when we will have our country PAKISTAN with;

  • no debts.
  • more career opportunities.
  • business opportunities.
  • opportunities for students.
  • having all the necessary resources made available to all.

We have to unite as one Nation!

As a nation, we have been struggling for many decades. For what I believe is we never thought to unite for once and always criticized each other. We always have been and we haven’t changed a bit as of this day you reading this article.

We always criticize authorities to change and that is how it should be. For once, think about changing yourself. Think about it for many decades we have always been involved in blaming government officials for the performance of the economy. Trust me, they are to question but not as we ask because we do not ask but all we do is CRITICIZE. No officials in the past 2 decades could change the destiny of PAKISTAN. Couldn’t contribute towards the growth of the economy and having PAKISTAN a Nation we all dream about which is of having:

  • Stable Inflation rate.
  • More career opportunities.
  • Business Opportunities.
  • Education Opportunities.
  • Resources made available to all types of communities.
  • Having respect amongst other well-known countries within the World.
  • And so more!!!!

Question is have you ever asked a question that why couldn’t no Government could revive the PAKISTAN economy or bring opportunities for its People? WHO IS TO BE BLAME?

How can we have a Great Nation?

We for once need to stand united as a nation supporting our Government and start to believe in decisions they make for us. Let us support them for once, trust them with their decisions, and support them together.

Think of it as a business or family you may have. Let’s suppose you as a business owner or Family head makes a decision which you see as a right to business or family. If even one person in your business opposes, criticize your decision, and similarly in your family all your motivation and morale of being successfully carrying out your strategy Demoralize.

Now imagine, when your government takes a decision and us not standing, not uniting, but criticizing, opposing, etc. I mean for once let’s stand with our government. Let’s change how most of us think. We have to be part of one Team. We have to unite as;

Unity is Strength as when there is Teamwork and Collaboration, Wonderful things can be Achieved.

Mattie Stepanek

Don’t get me wrong!

Don’t get me wrong I support all and any officials who take charge of representing PAKISTAN any government I support and will be supporting all.

We may not do anything by ourselves and have to stand together. We have to unite. Things these days in Pakistan are very tough. People are suffering without any doubt.

For once if we all need to change Pakistan’s destiny we have to stand together and support our government officials to make the best decision for us.

Even though if you don’t like the way Government work, support them. The reason is when we will support each other with good or bad we together as a Nation will start to take care of each other.

People are the best Motivation for any Government!

You may not be aware but we people are the best motivation to any official within Government. We are the motivation and for once let’s all be true motivation to our officials and have them do their job. Nothing can be achieved out of fear. We have to work as a team and turn our fears into Opportunities. Turn your Fear into Opportunity.

There is still time left. Think and go back. All we have been doing is criticizing suggesting for government change as they couldn’t perform. We never for decades stood united, belief in management, authority, and probably one of the reasons we couldn’t bring peace in Pakistan. My question is what we did to have the Pakistan economy reviving. True we can’t do anything but do all and if we continue to demoralize, criticize, oppose, to who is responsible; guys they will start to oppose you and all will think is about themselves and no one.

For once, THINK! For once let us Motivate them who can in return motivate us and that motivation will be no joke but will be a great number of opportunities given to us. Things in Pakistan will Change!

What happens when anyone is motivated? They perform, they start to be responsible regardless of how careless they may have been in the past. You think someone is careless well despite criticizing, opposing, or abusing for once start to motivate, suggest for solutions, and see the change.

Think about it! It is we who need to motivate Government officials and stand together with the current government officials and any government officials in the future who may promise to work towards the success of PAKISTAN.

Please share your views about how we can play our part to Change Pakistan and have Pakistan a Nation as we all Desire! Write to us at

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:


  • Unity can only come when there is better co-ordination and mutual understanding in the society . when there is no friction of thoughts and clash of ideologies. We should therefore follow the ideals established by the scholars and engage ourselves in virtuous deeds.

  • Samrullah Nazir

    (July 12, 2020 - 5:34 am)

    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” we have to start from ourselves first before we expect from others. Motivating ourselves to stand as a nation and motivate our govern leaders to bring the change we wish to experience and visualize.I do agree for that we need to be United as A Nation…

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