Have you been mocking or being mocked?

The concept of mocking has been present for many decades at high schools, colleges, universities, and to some extent within workplaces based on caste, religion, status, or country. Those who have been through this trauma if they have been able to pick themselves up I assure them being Successful in their practical life. Individuals being mocked always tend to hide from individuals letting them down making a mockery out of certain situations and always having them felt down about their existence. It’s the worst trauma experience ever.

Why people mock apart from the above reasons is out of jealousy or see whom they mock as a great competition. Individuals who get mocked are well-mannered individuals brought up with great norms and ethics. You will see people who extremely get themselves mocking never may change their habits and continue to act similarly with others at work while making excuses for not working and behaving badly. Always looking at their colleagues or juniors as having motivation at the workplace by mocking and such individuals never achieve great success in life as if they continue to have the habit and not realize can’t stay motivated for a very long time which affects their work performance and decision-making skills.

Whereas, individuals who are mock or go through similar trauma teach them a life lesson way too soon before they get into actual life (Practical life). Such individuals who go through such an experience are always self-motivated, develop confidence, and always try to complete a task with perfection so that no questions or fun shall be made about their work or existence. Such individuals are highly successful because of their perfection and confidence developed due to people always letting them down and making a mockery out of their existence.

When such people enter into their practical life and move on they pick themselves so good with a new environment, new people, and never give them a chance to have them questioned upon anything. They develop strong decision-making skills as they have been involved always developing problem-solving solutions to avoid experiencing being mocked again.

Such individuals have limited friends and are very loyal and genuine to all. They always remain quiet and manage time very efficiently as they develop this craze of being someone and making a name of themselves with being Successful. They go through so much that they tend to ignore small matters and always avoid arguing instead prove their point with actually doing the work rather than defending their point via an argument at work or when proving business-related matters.

Such individuals are not very social and prioritize work upon social activities. I am known to many successful individuals successfully operating their business ventures and working at high positions at government & private institutions.

In the end, it’s neither about criticizing anyone nor did to have people regret having their known ones letting down or making a mockery of them. If you really regret it is never too late to apologize. Mocking has been a norm created by humans and only humans can end this norm. Let’s all respect each other and be help all regardless of caste, religion, or country. Let’s all be Successful together!!!!

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhammad-zubair-ansari/

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