Mould your fear into an opportunity!

Believe it or not, we are always surrounded by fears. Fear has always been there with us from the beginning.

I am 27, and now when I look back thinking about myself as a child and now. Fear of doing something has always been there. Fun part is, I had best fears when I was a child. As I remember being told by my loved ones not being stubborn else a bear would be called to have me in his captivity. A made out fear incorporated within me mostly by MOM to have me stop being stubborn.

Having above said now if I think wisely fears are nothing but a state of mind.

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind”

Napoleon Hills

How does fear develop?

  1. You develop a sense of fear due to factors affecting you directly.
    Few scenarios would be:
    • What will people say if I fail at a certain task?
      • Thinking that some may not even try.
    • Fear of asking.
      • people being afraid to ask questions thinking whether it is right or not and lose an opportunity of growth.
    • Fear of
      • stepping up.
      • losing a job.
      • business growth.
      • a university graduate.
        • thinking if will be able to find a job or not.
  2. Fear that is incorporated directly or indirectly within you by others.
    Few scenarios would be:
    • People who do not want you to succeed – Fear incorporated by someone who you trust and lose a great opportunity of a job, business, or investment.
    • Seeing people not succeed stopping you from stepping up.
    • People talking you into being fear over an opportunity.

Stating above I can think of a quote stated by ‘Bertrand Russel‘ which perfectly fit conquering our fear if any for ‘WISDOM’.

“Fear is the main source of Superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of Wisdom.”

Bertrand Russel

Steps we can take moulding fear into an opportunity!

Now, the thing is unfortunately being feared about something will never end. It has been there and will be with us in the future regardless of what we do. But there are a few steps which we can take to overcome fear and moulding into an opportunity.

  1. Be more confident and believe in yourself.
    • Many of us may have been thinking about a small business startup but never could bring it into reality. Reason being fear of losing a job or losing savings. Guys, listen to your intuitive feeling. If you are confident that you can successfully operate a business of your domain never fear failing, losing investment, or highly paid job. Because, if you will allow your fear stepping back of a great business opportunity you may lose an opportunity of a lifetime. Read my blog about opportunity once knocking your door “An opportunity knocks the door just once!
  2. Have patience, be calm, and never self-doubt.
    • Well, a great scenario would be fresh graduates losing hope of not finding a suitable job according to their desire. They start to lose patience and without research, knowing about firm, job responsibilities, and more they start to apply randomly. That’s because they start to lose patience and start doubting themselves if they graduated with the right course. Fear is which leads them to self-doubt which ultimately results in being with them for a while until they gain their confidence back through the right leader.
  3. Stop competing and focus on yourself only.
    • Well, many of us have this habit of competing with others which develops fear amongst us of not performing well against who we try to compete.
    • What happens when you compete you start to focus on other’s work rather yours. What your competitor is doing, whatever. You start to devise their strategy out of fear and lose yours. Ultimately, resulting in you failing or not achieving desired results. How can you if you stopped focusing on your work and gave priority to others.
    • Compete with yourself. Challenge yourself and compete with what you achieved so far to achieve more instead of competing with others. This way you will be way ahead of people who you actually try to compete.
  4. Stop displaying you know all.
    • A great barrier to your growth when you display you know all. It stops you from learning, growing, and being successful.
    • Many fear of being mocked, laughed upon, and people start to display they know all but when asked about it they couldn’t perform or delivers as one expects.
      • A great scenario I have students for learning ‘Web Development’. One of my student display herself amongst others that she knows it all. When I asked my students today to code, all students were able to code but that one student couldn’t.
      • Now, the thing is if you are under great supervision he/she will have you realize what’s right and what’s wrong. But if not, you will continue to dig a hole for yourself.
    • What I did with my student today, after the class I asked for the reason and she said I am competing, trying to impress you and have this fear of what if I couldn’t outperform the class. TBH, she was the reason I thought to write about ‘Moulding your fear into an Opportunity’.
      • After making her realize I am sure she will top the class, as from today onwards I am sure she will work on herself and compete with only herself.
    • Similarly, things happen at work. Never display thinking you know it all as the moment you fail to deliver, you will start to lose trust, develop the next phase of your fear and things will start to change for you as time will pass.
  5. Finally, face your fear by turning into the experience.
    • Rather than regretting for months, it’s wise to face your fear overcoming all challenges hence, turning your fear into your experience.

“To be a champion, compete; to be a great champion, compete with the best. To be the greatest champion, compete with yourself”

Matshone Dhiliwayo

“We are more often frightened than hurt, and we suffer more from imagination than from reality”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The above quote is a true reality. We surely suffer more from imagination as fear is all imagination. When we think too much out of fear imagining uncertainties, it actually hurts you a lot emotionally, bringing you a failure, and turning your imagination into a REALITY!

To conclude, I will end with a quote:

“Challenge your fear, turn into experience, and bring towards your SUCCESS”

Zubair Ansari

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