An opportunity knocks the door just once!

Opportunity, if accepted right turns out to be a game-changer. It is necessary for us to accept the opportunity as an opportunity once in a lifetime does knock our door. You have to be prepared to accept the opportunity and do not avert it when it knocks the door.

Every human being on earth is offered a life-changing opportunity regardless of us being well-educated, uneducated, unemployed, or running a small business setup. No matter under what circumstances we may stand, we should always try to recognize the life-changing opportunity when it knocks our door.

What do you have to do for identifying the opportunity?

Well, identifying the right opportunity really doesn’t mean that you just sit back at home doing nothing and persuading yourself that oh! Let’s wait when I’ll have something good according to my expectations then only I’ll think on it whether you are thinking to enroll within a university, applying for a job, or waiting for your known to have you start a small business. Let me assure you if you will have a mindset of relaxing, sitting back at home, and relying upon someone to have you taking an initiative to do something that will not end well or result in success. You may end up having struggles, problems, difficulties, and eventually developing second thoughts of you not being interested or not doing something of your interest.

You have to sacrifice in order for you to identify or get your life-changing opportunity. It has been seen and great examples exist where Successful people took a small initiative of their interest and landed having great business empires. That’s because they learned from their experience, struggles which had them so mature that when opportunity knocked their door they were ready to have most out of the opportunity. Bill gates, Lord Alan Sugar, Grant Cardone, and many known-people started from taking a small initiative and landed having big business empires with a lot of Success.

You have to be calm, focused, and motivated towards your goals, wait for your opportunity, and be mature enough with the experience to accept your opportunity and making most out of it. You may not want to lose your opportunity because of your naivety, carelessness, or immaturity. Because that I can assure you will never have a second opportunity like you may have lost which may have had you being successful.

How do you make sure if it’s the right opportunity?

When you onboard an opportunity you will experience a gateway to many sub-opportunities resulting in you experiencing new work ethics and directions. It is very important to accept your right opportunity to open gateways to new sub opportunities. If you are experiencing new sub opportunities allowing you to grow that means you are on the right track. It is very important to identify new sub opportunities never saying no to take the initiative of learning something new.

I will give you an example here, I landed with a job within an educational institution which had me experiencing and learning new skills related to Web Development, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Designing with my existing career path within Business Processing Outsourcing Industry which lead me being a fine Offshore Business Development Specialist while having skills of closing deals on email, phone calls, and Social Media Platforms.

Set your Goal and work towards your opportunity!

I have the goal of operating a successful business within the next 5 years. Having a job within an educational institution allowed me to be a trainer and gain fine knowledge of Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Designing, and SEO, which ultimately allowed me to communicate with all departments accurately where I work. Now, I understand what all departments executive discuss at a certain meeting and I can go into depth discussing the task with understanding the executive’s work responsibilities and knowing how much time it will consume to complete a specific task.

If there is a development task to complete I can have an idea of how much capability web developer has and how much time a certain project will take to complete. Now if I am to operate a successful business with having essential executives handling departments task imagine having a meeting on a conference table I will know what all departments executives will be talking about and I can accordingly plan out my goals and a clear direction of my business being successful.

When you get a chance for learning a new skill you have to step up and at personal level work on yourself learning that skill. Trust me; it will help you throughout your journey. Never step back from learning a new skill or strategy when you get an opportunity! Always be focused, Motivated, and most importantly responsible to start your journey of success. Your journey to success will never be easy, you may experience difficulties, stress challenges but never lose hope and continue to seek your sub opportunities but for that, you have to identify your right opportunity.

What I would advise?

What I would advise regardless under whatever circumstances you are at and anything you are about to do consider that as a right opportunity for yourself and trust me things will automatically start to HAPPEN! With experience I have shared about myself I can hopefully have a successful sales team, I can have all departments communicating under the right channels understanding struggles and difficulties of all. Out of topic for what I have seen businesses fail or struggle when departments do not communicate under the right channel!!! Whatever you are about to do be someone to work upon yourself with new skills and strategies so that you can lead right later. GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST!

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:


  • Samrullah Nazir

    (June 13, 2020 - 3:54 pm)

    I totally agree with you, to seize an opportunity knocking at your door you have to be prepared for it. Have a Grib on your mind set, aims and FOCUS. Great work Brother.

  • Even difficulties and difficult times like this can be converted into an opportunity with the right mindset. Positive mindset indeed sets us on the route to success.

    • That is True Akash. A positive mindset and dedication can help one achieve great results in opening doors to new opportunities.

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