Session with Zubair Ansari

Get Trained on the Process of Being Successful at Work!

A handsful session of learning with Zubair Ansari is scheduled for December 10th, 2022 which will totally change your perspective towards work! Everyone work to be successful however with great success comes great challenges. However, for every problem, a solution exists.

You should attend this session:

  • If you look forward to growing at your workplace.
  • If you are not appreciated at your workplace for the work you deliver.
  • If your pay is good, work is good, and yet you are confused and push yourself dragging to work. every single day.
  • If you are surrounded by politics at work.
  • If you are not recognized at work.
  • If you are demeaned by your seniors.
  • If you hesitate to speak for yourself at work.
  • If you aren’t confident enough to challenge yourself at work.
  • If you have no source of motivation to work for growth!
  • If you think your skills are being utilized that may award your growth and recognition.
  • If you are at a point where you may ask yourself every day “WHAT NEXT?”
  • Importantly, if you are insecure about losing your job.

After the session

  • You will have a whole new perception of work and a vision of how you can be successful at your workplace!

Limited Seats

Session Date: 10th December 2022
Time: 3 pm – 5 pm
Location: National Science & Technology Park (NSTP), NUST, Islamabad!

Collaboration: SmileTech

Fee: No Charges!