Story of a Coolest Graphic Designer I know!

Muzaffar is one of the coolest graphic designers I know in Islamabad. He possesses great skills and is highly creative when it comes to designing. I know him from work and one thing I can say about him is that I have never seen him complaining, worried, and is always smiling, energetic, and ready for more work responsibilities. Muzaffar is someone who is totally satisfied with work, life, and all. He surely is Living his life enjoying every moment at his fullest. Let’s get to know more about him:

Thank you, Muzaffar for giving us your precious time and allowing ROUTE2SUCCESS to publish your story.

Zubair: Muzaffar tell us about you, your family, and your academic background?

Muzaffar: I completed my Matriculation from the Faisalabad board. After successful completion of matriculation, I enrolled for three years diploma in civil technology. Later, I enrolled for short courses at NICON Institute successfully completing the course for AUTOCAD and 3Ds Max. After that, I started my first job in an architectural firm as a junior architect. In 2013 I started my bachelor’s in civil technology. Along with that, I started to learn graphic designing tools like illustrator and Photoshop.

Zubair: I know you are a great graphic designer no questions about it but under what circumstance you develop an interest in gaining and being an expert with designing skills?

Muzaffar: During my bachelor’s, I developed an interest in Graphic Designing and started training myself on different tools from my cousin. My cousin helped me a lot with learning tools for Graphic Designing. Together with my cousin assisting, I seek tutorials for enhancing my skills from YouTube Tutorials on new features and software.

Zubair: Muzaffar, put a little light on your overall career? How did you start and end up being a lead Graphic Designer at MicroAgility Servies Inc.?

Muzaffar: In the year 2013, I started my first job as a junior architect. My job responsibility was to create some 2D and 3D plans. As my cousin was helping alongside learning Graphic Designing tools I was offered an opportunity from my cousin’s office and in 2014 started my 2nd job in my cousin’s office. He is a great graphic designer and web developer.

Cont. I also have some skills in website development. I have a strong grip on developing websites using Joomla which is a content management system for the website.

Cont. In 2017, I joined MicroAgility Services as a graphics and UI designer. Here I have redesigned their job portals i.e (iagility & ). At MicroAgility, I worked on infographics, social media campaigns, banners, and website designing. The environment of Microagility is very friendly. All colleagues and management are very co-operative.

Success Journey of Doctor’s Degree Graduate

Zubair: The majority of people in Pakistan develop an interest in acquiring a professional skill in case if dropped out of college or university. Is that true?

Muzaffar: Yes, considering my journey I’d say that is true. If you have skills and only if you continue to learn its new features and maintain an effective portfolio, one can easily find a job or work as a freelancer.

Zubair: Since you are in the industry and working as lead Graphic Designer with MicroAgility Services Inc., how do you see the potential of this skill set if any individual would want to start fresh learning this skill and entering within the market?

Muzaffar: Graphic design is a very interesting field. In almost every startup project there will be a graphical prototype that is going to demonstrate the complete project. Graphic designing has become a need at this time for almost all kinds of businesses. There are many online courses through which anyone can get basic training for this field. With some continued practice, interest, and creativity anyone can hold a strong grip in graphic designing. This field requires continual practice on the tools.

An Opportunity Knocks the Door Just Once!

Zubair: Muzaffar, have you ever felt being tired of designing? Just asking, as many get tired with their jobs. Well, I will not talk about others but myself as being a sales individual sometimes I do get tired and again have to pick myself up. Have you ever experienced being tired of your work and advice on how do you react to similar scenarios?

Muzaffar: Yes definitely, I mostly get tired from continued work infect in the office too. Most time my brain does freeze in the middle of work. So I stand and walk-in office, sometimes I play games or watch a TV serial motivation or for a little change.

Zubair: Muzaffar, I know that you live every moment of your life, but we would like to know (if comfortable) if there is any hidden phase of your life which you consider as the toughest experience? How did you overcome that period?

Muzaffar: To be honest I am a very chill guy and I like to meet up with friends. I don’t remember any hard time. But I had a severe accident at the start of 2018 in a car crash near Jhung. I was with my friend to pick up my laptop which I forget on the bus when I traveled. When the ambulance reached the hospital, my other friends also arrived at this small facility of Hospital in Jhung. The hospital did not have many resources and I had lost too much blood; doctors gave up because my nasal bone was fully cracked and the blood was coming from my damaged nose to my inner organs and doctors suggested my friends accompany at a bigger hospital in Faisalabad. When I was on my way to Faisalabad, I was speaking unconsciously to my friends that please inform my family. I remember that I vomit blood in the ambulance when we were on our way, which did save my life according to the doctors in Faisalabad Allied bank. After that, I had a rhinoplasty and I was bound to have a new nose which is far better from my previous nose (a thought). 😀

Cont. My friends and family help me get through one of the difficult situations I faced throughout my life as yet.

Zubair: Muzaffar, what would you advise to all young entrepreneurs trying to secure a future with graphic designing working as freelancers or trying to secure an internship or a job?

Muzaffar: I would advise them to work hard and continuously learn new things in this field and new software features. And especially maintain your portfolio.

Zubair: What now Muzaffar? What’s your goal? What’s next to your journey? Do you have any special plans?

Muzaffar: Honestly speaking, I don’t have some major goals but I do want to continue working to put food on the table for my family. That’s my Goal!!!

Zubair: Muzaffar, congratulations on being a father. Please share your experience and let us know how your life changed after getting married and Masha Allah now being a dad?

Muzaffar: Yes, it’s a wonderful experience of being a dad. When I come home tired and sometimes exhausted with work, I see my little boy and for some reason whenever I reach home, he starts to cry and I hold him and all my tiredness goes away. I hold him and walk in my room for being with him for the time I have spent at home. It’s an adorable experience.

Zubair: Thank You, Muzaffar for your time with us. We really wish you all the best for your Future Endeavors. Continue to smile, enjoy work, and be a source of motivation & inspiration to many. I assure many seeks inspiration from you! All The Best!

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