Story of a small-town girl, Anum

Anum is a highly motivational woman who inspires many within her network. I know her from work and one thing I can say about her is AWESOME. I haven’t seen her letting anyone down. She literally says ‘YES’ to anything when it comes to work and never say ‘NO’. I remember how she stepped up and marketed at various institutions & public places though wasn’t her job responsibility. That really inspired me and thought to share her story!!!! Let’s together get to know ANUM!!

Zubair: Anum can tell us about yourself, your family, and a little bit about you as a person?

Anum: We are 9 siblings (MA).and I am the seventh daughter of my beloved parents. If I talk about myself it seems a little weird turning the mirror on myself but if I talk about myself as a person, I am very consistent diligent, reliable, and highly enthused about my work and tasks ahead.

Zubair: What’s your academic background?

Anum: With perspective to education, I have done Bachelor’s in English Literature and masters in the same discipline, and recently enrolled for a graphic designing course.

Zubair: Can you also tell us about your most difficult phase, any challenge that you may have experienced during education? How did you overcome that challenge?

Anum: The most difficult challenge I faced during my education life was my family moving to Islamabad and the entire sudden new environment and leaving my friends behind and making new friends was really challenging. But Alhamdulillah with time, I met some amazing friends who are like family now.

Zubair: Obviously, I know you from work. It’s been a while since your career life started?  Tell us about your experience and how did you secure your first job?

Anum: I started my career at the age of 19. I started my career from teaching in Montessori school in Chitral and my basic salary was only five thousand rupees. After moving to Islamabad I found it really hard to find a job in the new city because I belong from a small-town and they used to ask me the same question that can you even speak Urdu?

Zubair: In Pakistan, a lot of families have concerns about having their daughters to work. Did you experience any similar challenges?

Anum: So many efforts have to be done for the working women of Pakistan that they can work according to their lifestyles without the fear of being judged and harassed. The problem I faced when I started work was less appreciation. No matter if it’s about completing daily tasks or fulfilling family expectations. We never know what a woman is facing in her life yet we expect her to number in one in fulfilling of being Achhii Betiiiii (Good Daughter).

Zubair: Being a woman according to you how important it is for women to get an education?

Anum: It is really important for women to get an education. I support women’s education as there are a lot of reasons. One of the many reasons is an educated woman can take care of herself and a girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more income as an adult. A good Income means a better life and good health care for her family. An educated girl breaks the cultural patterns of marrying as a child. An educated mother provides better care for her children at her home and she invests in future generations and in her community. (Such an amazing thought Anum!)

Zubair: What’s the most difficult phase you may have experienced during your working life? Tell us about that and how did you overcome that challenge?

Anum: When I started working the only thing I was concerned about was the domestic Restrictions, as it has been present in our society for decades. women are restricted to their homes and are considered to take care of household chores. But Alhamdulillah, my family supported me but still, my mother gets panic attacks sometimes when I get home late (Laughter). Being a woman and working in a male dominant society is quite tough and dealing with some NARCISSISTIC men having a personality disorder of lack of respect for women was quite challenging but I think with time you learn how to deal with such people.

Zubair: Overall, as a woman what difficulties generally do you face working in the office environment?

Anum: I generally face Favouritism in my workplace as it is like if you’re having a conversation on a topic and you are not sharing the common interest you’re not their favourite any more, that means they will be always taunting you with their favourite ones. (Anum, you are right on point here)

Zubair: Well, we know all working personnel at some point in time face problems with motivation may be due to excessive work or lack of appreciation? Have you ever experience that?

Anum: Yes, motivation and lack of platforms for high toned people like us are still an upsetting thing for me.

Zubair: If a woman at work needs to be successful. Considering your experience what advice would you give to all employers generally for supporting a woman at work and having them successful?

Anum: In my opinion, Success is something not about getting a high paid job or starting a successful business. What is an actual success according to me is that if you doubled the number of people it helped through your community service initiatives it is called success and here a simple rule for being successful is that Establish a routine, stick to your work, and never let anybody hurt your ego and your self-respect. (Amazing suggestion Anum)

Zubair: What would you advise all young fresh graduates searching for a job, or may have started their career being successful?

Anum: To the young freshers who are searching for jobs, never give up and make up your mind about your goals and achievements before stepping out of your home and most importantly associates yourself with positive people.

Zubair: I know you are engaged. CONGRATULATIONS! What’s your goal when it comes to the career? How do you plan your future?

Thank you Zubair.

Anum: When it comes to me since childhood it is a dream to be a strong independent woman who wants to provide a platform for girls like Anum. And through I am just trying to serve a problem that has been plaguing our environment and society and trying to make an impact in a community that is desperate for support.

Thank you ANUM for your time letting us know about yourself and your career journey so far. I literally enjoyed and myself really sense that motivation publishing your story. You are really a true sense of motivation to all women out there struggling with education or work. Anum, Team Route2Success wishes you all the very best for your future endeavors. ALL THE BEST!



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