Students and their Problems!

I have been a student myself and to be honest I wasn’t a very bright student. I’ll identify myself amongst students who are careless & irresponsible towards education. There were reasons because after being educated in Pakistan from Grade 1 – 4 due to my father’s job I had this opportunity to continue my education in one of the prestigious school found in Kuala Lumpur named ‘Sayfol International School’.

Starting off with myself!

I remember my 1st day. New faces from different countries and respected teachers communicating in a language that was totally new to me and wasn’t at all confident speaking. Actually, I would have spoken if originally I’d have understood. My 1st day and school admin made a clerical error having myself in GRADE 6 while my sister in GRADE 5 which should have been vice versa. I was so scared that I didn’t even put attention to my books, my class, nor who was around me as I assume no face I could identify who may have been from my home or neighbor country.

These days students talk about status, problems with teachers, and most importantly start to bully others who aren’t up to their level. Imagine yourself being a student 1st day in class and you probably are forced to sit on a chair unique to you. I was so uncomfortable that I fell backward and realized, already made a fool of myself. I never gave any of my reactions to my fellow mates asking ‘ARE YOU OK?’. I was so scared that I got up and again without saying a word or giving any reaction I sat back on the chair.

Finally, I sensed comfort after all!

Sensed comfort as I saw my sister and institution admin having me moved to my original class ‘Grade 5’. To be honest, I sensed so much comfort as responsible teacher was Mrs. Faiza who understood my problem with communication and had myself sat with a fellow friend of mine (Ahad Umer) who translated & communicated on my behalf. Literally, at times I used to sleep for a number of hours not being disturbed. 🙂

I hear from many students’ teachers being strict or not teaching the right way. Imagine now yourself being in front of a teacher who forces you to speak English even though you can’t and all you can do is shake and worst CRY. In the beginning, for 4-5 weeks I remember always crying in Mrs. Bala class (Geog. And History Teacher). Geography and History were totally new to me and obviously, with having lectures in English I couldn’t understand a thing. It was like ‘Things Going Over My head’.

Respected Teachers: If you see any student not being comfortable in your class or not performing as you expect, please try to understand the student problem. Look, if a student will not understand you, the way you deliver, trust me no matter how hard you try, things will never change for the student. Understand your students and work with them accordingly.

Students depression and anxiety!

Depression is what I see in many students these days. They literally start to see education as the worst nightmare and always sense depression and anxiety when visiting institutions for classes or either studying at home. Dear all, I understand. Trust me, when I used to have Geography and History class with MRS. Bala, I used to get blue and always had nerves on myself.

It’s not the subject, nor its education itself, nor its teacher’s fault. Trust me, it’s your fault. I am saying this because I had this concept built in my mind about Mrs. Bala and had no intention to achieve good results as I was too lazy and lacked interest in education.

Never take education as a burden to yourself. Never do that. Even the easiest subject will start to feel like a burden. It’s you who have to change and not anyone because all lecturers have their own teaching style and methodologies. If you don’t like it, make sure you work according to their methodologies as they know the best. I understand there are few teachers who don’t take their job seriously but you have to understand it’s us who have to educate and learn as they already are educated and leading their life in the best possible way. Whereas, we still are on our route of being educated. Education is a very important phase in life. Important but not last. Trust me, when you complete your education i.e., bachelors or masters that’s just the beginning.

You have to realize what it takes to be successful!

This may feel offensive but if you aren’t being able to handle education and going into depression and anxiety then I’m really sorry I don’t assume you securing decent future for yourself. Completing an education is just the beginning. The actual journey starts as I’ve experienced when you start to earn a living. There are so many challenges and expectations from your loved ones. If you develop this anxiety and depression due to education think about it what will you do when you will have to take responsibility for your loved ones, most importantly, your family.

Please, if anyone is experiencing issues and being depressed with education come out of it. Work on yourself. I know it’s tough these days as due to pandemic you may be at home and not having the vibe of educating yourself. Think of a bright side. Think about what you can achieve by composing extra notes and searching for concepts online about difficult topics eventually increasing your knowledge more rather than relying on books and lecturers. You can research more, question more, and answer right. Instead of listening to music while having online lectures, I would highly suggest ‘RESEARCH’. Think out of the box. MAKE EDUCATION FOR YOURSELF EXCITING as considering current times.

Have you ever thought why?

We often hear and few visualize so much as how few people react and behave with others. Think, why do they react as such? Why son/daughter apart from their loved ones? Why one get jealous? Why one leave their families and worst beating parents? Why do people stop respecting elders? Why?

One of many reasons!

could be depression and anxiety developed at a level they may not be able to control. If one goes through depression or anxiety, to have themselves calm, many starts to react negatively with their closest. I will request you all please do not let depression and anxiety play with your mind. Get through it. Please. If you experience problems, any problem with education, at work, anything, please instead of thinking about it too much PRAY. Pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY, talk to your loved ones about it for solutions. Most importantly work on the problem. If you have a problem with your lecturer, find a solution. How I’d recommend speaking to your lecturer about it.

I could have managed securing good grades!

From my experience, I assure you if I’d have developed this confidence in going up to MRS. Bala and asking a few questions about something which I may have not understood I would have performed well in Geography and History. I always failed. My intimidation turned to depression affecting subjects that I may have been good at. Similarly, it may be happening with you. So Please, whatever problem you have going to school, college, university educating yourself, find a solution. Find a solution, please!

From not being a bright student to achieving Prestigious Award!

I was never a bright student but somehow with my father help in Sayfol International School and with little efforts I managed to clear higher secondary, I managed passing out. I moved to Mauritius after higher secondary. I still remember my father worrying about mine and my sister’s education for enrolling in a bachelor’s course. He was about to send us back to Pakistan, but through a friend heard about an institution offering courses through NCC EDUCATION. While enrolling, I was counseled by my dad now it’s up to you. Look at the money involved and it was a huge amount of money. I decided to work on myself. I decided to just study. I used to study every concept searching, memorizing, and bringing all theoretical concepts applying to practical life. I’ll write a blog on how you can change your attitude toward being successful.

I still go back in times thinking what if?

Imagine, barely passing out Higher Secondary with minimum passing marks qualifying for Global Higher Achievers Award (2013 – batch) in course Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology while appreciated by many. The respect and appreciation I got from being awarded ‘Global High Achievers’ truly changed my life. Now I always work to achieve a purpose. A Goal!! What if I wouldn’t have qualified for the award? What if? Ask questions to yourself of what you have achieved so far and try to shape your achievements into your Life Purpose. ALL THE BEST!

If you look forward for an individual session of counselling to overcome depression. Please, do not hesitate writing to me at

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Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:


  • Its way better explained then i expected. Zubair you are touching minds and hearts. Keep it Up Bro…

    • I am glad you liked it. I remember you requesting to write about students being depressed few weeks back. Took a little longer as I thought a lot to portray this article at my best ability and most importantly having majority of people reading relating to it!!!

  • A real inspirational story and your helping attitude is appreciated.

  • Really inspired. I am imagining myself as towards finding solutions to my existing problems. Thank you for helping….

  • You’ve deliberately covered all the main courses of this issue but i guess sometimes or may be most oftentimes students get depressed because they dont get to express the chaos between them and mostly its certainly not because of the studies or the courses they have chose but most obviously bcz of the crisis they’ve been going thru and it can be anything.

    • Deliberately, ok. But I did my best portraying a problem and for anyone who is experiencing depression of any kind help them find a solution. Picture people who you know well and each may have a story of their own. Some may have been successful and few still struggling with life as they may not found inspiration. By sharing we can help people looking forward to solutions. Trust me, to justify I can discuss crisis on and on here but that’s not the point. Point is people relating to problems and encouraging them enough to picture themselves towards finding a solution. I am sure you didn’t deliberately comment today. Have you been experiencing any depression or someone whom you know have been in a similar state? Feel free to write to me. I will be humbled if I can help.

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