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Samrullah Nazir

Can you briefly tell us about yourself, education, and your family?

I am Samrullah Nazir and I assume I am a very friendly, easy-going person, football lover, and having a habit of adjusting myself with the environment or situation surrounding me. Talking about education, I have a Doctor’s degree in Optometry.

My Family consist of 5 members: My Respected Father, My Lovely Mother, and I am the elder among my Sister and Brother.

What made you pursue your education in Philippines and what opportunities you had for yourself?

Well hailing from Saudi Arabia, with roots in Pakistan the only thing that convinced me to pursue my education in Philippines was the quality of education they offer to their Students, Theoretically and Practically.

If we talk about opportunities I had for myself then, to be honest, I would answer I experienced what I dreamed of, a perfect Bollywood kind of story’.

What challenges did you face throughout your educational period in Philippines?

Challenges are factors that build your character, I was a timid boy, unsure of myself apart from my parents plan for me, a boy who never made a single decision without asking his parents, All by himself now, Generally, Self-confidence was what I lacked the most and I believe that was my biggest challenge during my early years in the Philippines.

How did you manage your living in the Philippines throughout your educational period?

Well for me adjusting in a totally different or new environment, is not a big hurdle, during my entire educational period it was my father who sponsored me and my younger sister to complete our education and basic living needs. Managing Halal Food was sometimes quite a frustration but apart from that, all was easy and good.

Tell us about your achievements as a student in the Philippines and is there any struggle you experienced which you may want to share and how you overcame it?

My Favorite Part, I can do this whole day ‘a famous line from Avengers Movie’, Who doesn’t love to talk about their achievements and somehow brag about it!!!

I was one of the many foreign students studying at Southwestern University, who has developed confidence in self through critical thinking and hands-on learning.

I learned about myself and achieve things that I never imagined if I was back home or somewhere else. Despite never having made my own decisions or having tried to lead, let alone in an entirely different culture, I was the President of the University’s International Student Council for Consecutive Four years and Nominated plus won back to back Most Outstanding Student Leader Award for Two Consecutive years.

Apart from this, I earned the spot at My University’s First XI playing Soccer team. I was a member of the Global Toastmaster Omega. Apart from studies and sports, I use to be involved in film and modeling industries in the Philippines. I have experienced how Popularity and Fame taste like. Been there Done that Homies.

What made you not pursuing your career in the Philippines rather coming back and starting your career in Pakistan?

I never got a chance to spend time with my relatives here in Pakistan, It was my own decision to return back to my Motherland after my graduation, what I believed at that time, that I need to build and understand my relationship with my relatives here in Pakistan and to understand our culture. After all, I am a Pakistani Passport Holder.

At present what do you do for earning and what goal do you have for the next 3 years and is current job helping you to achieve your goal?

At present, I am a Business Development Executive at my Firm, a reliable employee who can increase the business and generate revenue.

Well, I already have a job I enjoy and that I feel my unique skills and personality add value to.

  1. One of the goals is to show up to work most days happy to be there.
  2. Travel somewhere new. Book a plane ticket. Go
  3. Improve my Communication Skills, Business Skills, and Character
  4. Have a sophisticated, well-made wardrobe and feel good in my clothes.
  5. The reason I am mentioning it last is that I believe in showing my Success with my actions and for that my goal in life is to be happy in what I do, Successful in terms of self-satisfaction and have a creative business where I can help my country, my family and my people to have bread and butter at their table three times a day.

What would you want to advise students in Pakistan who look forward to pursuing their education abroad and why do you think they should opt for the Philippines?

Never be ashamed of who you are and from where you are, Never be afraid of achieving your goals, Failure is the first step towards success, Always believe in yourself and most important have to respect people from different cultures, race and their believes.

Educational Quality is exceptionally excellent and economically very payable in the Philippines.  People of the Philippines are really hospitable, friendly, and helpful. All most every single person can speak and understand English over there, Arrangements for All the Muslims Festivals and Believes are practiced there. It gives you the feeling of your second home.

Thank you Samrullah for sharing your journey. It is a really inspiring journey.

We wish you all the best for your future Endeavors!

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn:


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