8 ways to overcome challenges in life!

overcoming challenges in life

Challenges exist in every phase of life. As we grow our struggles, challenges, and hardships increase. Life has never been easy for any human being. What matters is your belief in your creator and ignoring a path of negativity to overcoming challenges. Another thing that matters is your loved ones who stand by supporting you during strenuous times.

I will try my best to make my explanation as simplistic as possible portraying my words on how you may overcome throbbing challenges in life.

1. Be honest and calm

The first thing to overcome any challenge in life is to be calm and honest. Be honest with any situation and deal with calm. It is an old saying ‘to justify a lie, one has to lie again and again. The consequences of dealing with a certain situation falsely result in creating more challenges rather than resolving them. Results for dealing with a certain challenge honestly may take a little time but the results are satisfying. However, resolving challenges by crook may for time being you may walk-out but opening doors to more scary and un-resolving situations.

2. Always be learning

There is a saying ‘once you stop learning, you start dying’. Having a learning mindset is essential for overcoming grueling challenges. No person exists claiming himself to live a life without problems or challenges (Reference: For every problem, there is a solution!). Every human being encompasses challenges, problems, and much more that they experience at every important stage of their life, whether it be education, work, or dealing with a personal matter.

3. Ask for help

Challenges have no visage and differ from one circumstance to another. Problems and challenges in nature can be dealt with as I have a belief that every problem or challenge can be dealt with through the right sources and knowledge. Knowledge comes with experience and through learning. There is no shame in asking for help if people exist that you trust. It is always a great idea to share your problems and challenges with people who can educate and help. Rather than being tortured by a certain challenge, always have the courage to fight and resolve and not surrender.

4. Think Big and Dream Big

The only thing that is free and does not cost anything is your dreams. You have to dream big so that you can think big. Thinking big without dreaming big or dreaming big without thinking big will have you nest nowhere. Thinking allows creating opportunities to overcome agonizing challenges and dreaming allows you to think and achieve objectives.

5. Avoid Negativity and its surroundings

I am sorry to say but there are going to be people who will be joyful about your challenges and problems. Some people may spread negativity to bring you down, ultimately bringing down the chances of you being successfully overcoming a certain problem. It is very important that you ignore such people and never allow them to discourage you from your goals. Never allow such individuals to make you repent in the future. Never allow such people to have you involved in another problem, source being a problem. Never allow such people to have you lose courage, morale, belief, and your goals.

6. Be Positive

I am sure you may have experienced in the past a certain situation turned out against. Chances of occurrence must have been 30% but it happened. It must have been uncertain but trust me if you give it a thought reason must have been you. You must have been more negative in your thoughts rather than being positive about them. GIVE IT A THOUGHT!

Always be positive towards a certain situation and never allow negativity to take over your thoughts or attitude. With positivity, great milestones can be achieved. With a positive attitude, the impossible can be made possible. With positivity, negativity plummets. VICE VERSA!

7. Be Supportive & help others

 You may have heard from your elders your actions today defines your tomorrow’s existence. Any wrongdoings or actions will repeat in the future for which you can suffer. If you can, always be supportive and helpful to others. Being supportive certainly does not mean helping financially but morale support and standing by and supporting decisions can mean a lot to many. Think about your past and what you are today (Good or Bad). There may be many people involved in making what you are today. Think about it!!!!

Every challenge needs effort and it comes from morale support. ALWAYS BE SUPPORTIVE AND HELP OTHERS AS YOU CAN.

8. Never Give Up

When you accept a certain challenge that leads towards your goal, NEVER GIVE UP! Think of it as being in a race relay. If you give up, your partner will never end up finishing the race. Similarly, think of the consequences of you giving up making many mislay support, or experiencing pain. The pain is so acute sometimes that leads to criticism and fault-finding. Never put yourself in a situation where you may have to justify others. NEVER GIVE UP as the chances of giving up may result in GIVING UP again & again & again & again.

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhammad-zubair-ansari/

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