What is Success?

Success is countless, limitless, and most importantly endless. I believe everyone is successful in its own way. To better understand success we spoke to a few humbled individuals during our expedition to F-9 Park, dated: Oct 10th, 2020.

One of the respected Gentlemen mentioned success as ‘Happiness’. He further mentioned being positive to all challenges overcoming with happiness and positivity. Most importantly, he suggested to define success ourselves.

Many have a different perception for Success!

Many people have this dilemma about Success and have a perception of being rich. With all respect, if you believe being rich is Success then you may have to rethink. There are many who have countless money but lack happiness and few who are leading an average life but always crave for money.

Please, always be happy and positive towards your existence. Whatever you do I would highly recommend identifying your goals. I believe, to be successful, you have to define your goals and work towards those goals. Success is definitely worth being satisfied, happy, and positive towards your existence. You have to be positive and always should be thankful to ALLAH ALMIGHTY towards yourself, your achievements, and assets you may have.

Different phases of Success!

Success has its own phases. For example, Anwar Ansari who briefed us about success. For him, at present success is completing his graduation with good grades. He advises being honest towards education while not attempting to complete a task or education being a crook.

It’s predefined ‘whatever we do, it comes around’. If we take shortcuts or be negative about anything for example, playing politics at work, cheating our family, not being honest towards education, not being responsible towards work, trust me, whatever we seed that comes around hitting us hard. ALLAH ALMIGHTY at some point will have us experience the same. Always be honest, be trustworthy towards others, be responsible towards education, work, and I assure you being successful.

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty.”

Zig Ziglar


we had an opportunity to speak with a humbled Women working for a Singapore based company. Her point of view about success is to be happy and always positive.

We understand, due to lack of job opportunities, many may have been experiencing depression. It’s a dreadful experience. If you are depressed please follow:

First thing, one needs to identify the cause of depression. If you are experiencing depression due to family issues, I’d request giving a shot at resolving. Say sorry regardless of the cause. Minimum try saying sorry. Read Article ‘How and Why should I say sorry’.

Similarly, if you are experiencing depression due to job, or politics at work please find a solution. Because depression brings you towards failure and anything you may attempt to accomplish at some point, due to depression you may not accomplish the desired results. Please find a solution to the cause of your depression and step up resolving. I assure you even if you have a negative response from other parties, still you will be satisfied internally and move on. Please work on yourself.

Please evolve yourself and for time being get flexible if you are experiencing depression due to a lack of job opportunities. Minimum, you should do is work and get involve with work out of your domain until you identify a great opportunity within your field. It’s a tough time and only those who will be proven to be positive, flexible, having a learning mindset will be able to successfully accomplish their goals during this pandemic time. If you are failing to find a good opportunity for yourself, EXCEL your skills.

“Successful people begin where failures leave off. Never settle for ‘just getting the job done.’ Excel!”

Tom Hopkins

Only those, who have learning mindset will be able to understand the above quote. If you understood, I assure no challenges or hurdles will have you stopped to be SUCCESSFUL. All the best!

How one can be Successful?

How you achieve success is through ‘COMMITMENT’. I often come around people excusing from their tasks, take things for granted, and most importantly lose focus towards their responsibilities. I mean employees start to lose focus, students lose interest in education, and etc. With experience I am advising, If we start to leave things in between and start to make excuses, trust me whatever we may attempt to accomplish in life I am sorry, but we may not be able to commit ourselves towards our set goals. We will develop this habit of leaving things in the middle while excusing and blaming others for our doings. Read Article: For Every Problem, There is a Solution.

Respected CEO of ‘Institute of Business Leadership’ Mr. Waheed, while we have this opportunity knowing his point of view about success, he suggested being internally satisfied, Committed, and most importantly having patience. How he related is beautiful. He advised us to be punctual with Prayer (Namaz), having patience, and enjoying whatever we do. Eventually, we will develop this habit internally of being committed to our goals and any work that we may attempt will be accomplished with desired outcomes. Watch the complete video below:

Note: Please avoid the quality of the video. It’s our First shoot and obviously, we learn from our mistakes. Hopefully, we will improve the quality of our next clips. Thank you for understanding!

I always advise my team where I work just be responsible. Be honest towards work, be responsible, and never let your trust broke. If one will be responsible and honest with work ALLAH ALMIGHTY helps him/her in ways one never expects.

Lastly, we met an inspiring Gentlemen ‘Mr. Lone’

Lastly, we met a great personality, an inspiration for all, and a source of true motivation. Mr. Saqeb Lone who at present in his 70s and yet being a sports athlete. He is a marathon runner, cyclist, skater, bodybuilder, Mr. Pakistan, and much more. I am really inspired by his personality and after having a brief discussion with him I told myself still there is a long way to go. I would highly recommend to you all knowing him for great inspiration & motivation. Watch videos about him on his youtube channel: ‘Saqeblone 47’. Subscribe and like his videos. We will definitely publish his success story on our platform soon.

In the end

I would want to advise you all, be honest, realistic, committed, loyal, and compassionate towards anything you do in life. That’s SUCCESS!

Please ignore getting things done through crook or fraudulent activities, as I can guarantee at every step you will fail and by time you may realize will be too late for you to revive. Please be cautious. Respect yourself and everyone. Try not to hurt anyone.

There is no one set definition of success! What matters is how you define success as everyone is successful in its own way!!!! Work to define your success!!!!

Zubair Ansari

If you look forward for an individual session of counselling to overcome depression. Please, do not hesitate writing to me at zubair@rts.com.pk

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Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhammad-zubair-ansari/


  • I do agree success is not just having alot of money, Achieving Happiness and Positive Results from your hardwork is also considered as successful person.

  • Asalam O Alikum lads, my perspective on success is to learn not just a skill but many skills, degree now days is point less however the knowledge that you earn through the process is priceless, I believe that happiness lies within the wisdom which we achieve through hard work and dedication. Best of luck to all and stay motivated.

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