Who are strangers?

Strangers can be anyone who simply presents no introduction to you. If we scrutinize our daily activities we may realize there are few direct or indirect encounters that we transpire with Strangers.

Who are strangers? Route2Success

Direct Encounters

No set definition but with regards to context, we may consider day to day dealing with people whom we may not know. For example, Shop Keepers, Public Dealing Staff, Restaurant Staff, Delivery Personnel, Mail staff, and etc.

Indirect Encounters

These are the most common encounters we experience on daily basis. Such encounters may not mean anything and are extremely vague with no understanding. For example, people you encounter while waiting for the signal to turn green, or walking/jogging, or in college, university, work, or commuting to any destination.

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Now think?

Think wise, think practical, and think about the role strangers play in our life. Confused? Good, because you should be.

A closest friend of yours today, must have been a stranger once!


Similarly, anyone who happens to be in your network must have been a stranger. Regardless they may be business associates, business partners, college mates, colleagues, bosses, tutors, friends, and so on.

Think again and Relate.

There is this famous saying.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

People who care in your network are always present in need who meant nothing but strangers at once. Don’t ignore the fact that a friend who helps in need, a boss who understands your problems and assist, a neighbor who helps in all matters, a business partner whose worth is extraordinary, a business advisor meeting your goals with results, and so on were meant nothing to you but strangers at once.

Anyone whom you trust with your problems or during sparkling times were strangers at some point.

Considering the above context, for many amongst us, strangers start to care more and assist during hard times than few in Family associated relationships.

Let’s get back to the point on ‘How strangers play an important role in our life’?

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Ever experience a similar situation?

Visiting Dad office: Possibility of Dad colleague guidance with work and education and yet not taking assistance due to certain limitations. Simply, not confident enough to directly approach after you may have missed the opportunity to connect at on right time.

Making an impact: Always waiting for the right time to connect which may not have arisen as yet. For example, looking to connect within a network of indirect contacts (A Friend contact) and had an opportunity but missed considering yourself not worthy to connect with the contact.

Social Interaction: For instance an interaction that may have happened outside momentarily. You experiencing extreme positive vibes to talk (Either in an official meeting, commuting, or in a restaurant) but ignored. Later, all you do is think, what if I would have made an effort he/she mustn’t have refused to talk.

Debarring: Not giving enough room to others who wish to know you and be part of your social/professional network. It’s not a condemnable act but one should always increase their social/professional network.

Other scenarios: Park, seminars, examination hall, certain events, and more.

There is a lot to talk about upon confusion with the choice of people (strangers) to connect and its outcome. I’ll summarize with a saying.

Sitting with winners will allow you to develop a winning mindset. Similarly, sitting with losers will have you lose most of the time.

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If get a chance never lose an opportunity to talk!

If you get a chance never lose an opportunity to talk. Always keep in mind that never talk with someone for personal interest but with a positive mindset to help and get known. Having conversations with different people allows you to emerge your ideas, develop more opportunities, and may assist you overcoming tough situations.

Any conversation leads to a new opportunity (Education, Work, Business, dealing with a personal matter). Condition is whom you have that conversation with and to have that conversation you should be open to talking to strangers. You never know any new stranger may result in being assisted with a certain matter and vice versa.

Life is about giving. You should be confident enough to talk to strangers and accordingly manage your network. Lastly, I’ll summarize overall with a quote I came across:

Sit with winners: the conversation will be different.


Never hesitate to talk to a stranger as you never know what opportunities, inspiration, motivation, values, ethics, culture, and more he/she will bring in your life.

To boost your confidence with talking to strangers I suggest reading the book Talking to Strangers written by Malcolm Gladwell.

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Zubair Ansari

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