Whom do you see in the Mirror?

Whom do you see in the mirror?

Do me a favor stand up and see you in the mirror. I know you are going to ask why I should listen to someone out of nowhere. Something is really going to stop you by seeing yourself but come on lets for once stand up, look yourself in the mirror and ask Who Am I?

Now the question is whose reflection did you saw?

  • Are you someone who is always thinking about implementing new strategies and putting yourself into something new to earn more but always fail?
  • Are you someone who feels being undermined by others and not given the importance that deserves by your friends, family, or anyone whom you feel is close to?
  • Are you someone who is always quiet, tries a lot to interact and be part of a gathering but can’t due to a number of reasons. No matter how hard you try but can never make yourself comfortable around gatherings?
  • Are you someone who is not jealous but personality displays being jealous about a small matter for which inside you are not jealous but happy and never could express your happiness while having your nerves on where people start to think you being jealous?
  • Are you someone who undermine others having good skills and knowledge over you and always put them in a situation that they start to doubt their eligibility and start to lose focus with their goals for which you feel happiness?
  • Are you someone who likes to create disputes within a family or amongst friends for importance on a minor matter which goes at a level where families or friends stop to communicate and you feel happy about it because you start to get importance?
  • Are you someone who tries their level best to have one not being successful at a task of certain responsibility while you being with them but creating hurdles for them.
  • Are you someone who likes to talk their way out by shouting whether you communicate with your family, at work, or with friends?
  • Are you someone who likes to display small things in a bigger way to undermine others and having others feeling bad for themselves while the actual picture of yours is totally different?
  • Are you someone who feels jealous about your known one being successful and always try to think about doing what they do and stop focusing on your own things?
  • Are you someone who always sees other’s achievements as a success but undermining your own self and start to lose focus big time which in the long run results as a great failure?


Whomever you are let me tell you one thing, seeing other achievements as success and start undermining yourself or others whom you know to have yourself or others start to lose focus will never end well for yourself. Greed is the worst thing that one can have. Having greed will always lose your focus from skills you may have and always have you seeing others as good to you because you never gave yourself a chance to excel skills developed for yourself at the next level where you may start to achieve good results. Instead, you kept changing your path seeing others or being undermined by others.

What we will recommend is never to lose focus and hope. It takes time for one to develop a skill at a level where you start to achieve desired results and if you will keep losing focus you may lose creativity, skills, and a chance of being successful. Things never happen overnight it takes time and usually a lot but if one stays focus and honest at what they love to do will never fail.

Never be jealous and if you are not but still your personality is as such that others think you being Jealous start expressing happiness to others for their achievements. I know a few hesitate to express what’s inside at their heart and it is not an easy habit to change. But you may have noticed similar scenarios within a family or amongst friends never end well. Your loved ones start to lose trust, confidence upon you despite caring while having them start to think that you are not caring at all. START TO EXPRESS HAPPINESS TO OTHER FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS. BE WITH THEM, CELEBRATE AND DON’T ISOLATE YOURSELF else you will not survive for a longer period!!!!

Zubair Ansari

Zubair has more than 5 years of working experience. Has worked with prestigious firms in Pakistan as a Senior Customer Sales Specialist and is a professional Business Development Specialist. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhammad-zubair-ansari/


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