Success Journey of a Student Being a Lecturer

Toraub Success Story

Route2Success had an opportunity to publish a Success Journey of a Student Being a Lecturer from Mesmerizing Island Mauritius. We thank Toraub for sharing his success story with us. Let’s all know about his Journey!!!

Briefly describe your personality, views about education, and Family?

I am Toraub Ibne Ziya Oodin 27 years age and I assume myself as an easy-going person with a focused and hardworking mindset. Well, education is Knowledge, and knowledge is not gathered by just sitting in a class. What I believe is knowledge can be gained from anything and everywhere all we need to be is a good observer.

 My family consists of 5 members: My father, mother, and I am the elder among my two brothers.

What is your role at SNIT Business School and could you tell us how did you manage from studying at the same institution as a lecturer delivering courses for NCC Education, UK?

I never heard of SNIT Business School before joining, it was my teacher at high school who recommended me for enrolling in one of the courses at SNIT Business School.

I started with the A+ courses acquiring knowledge in the reparation field then I upgraded my qualification by the diploma courses.

I used to be a leader and having a mindset to be achieving good results in the class I had this opportunity to help my classmates and explaining them lectures and assignments whenever they needed help.

Soon the rumor spread that I explain assignments very well so they started asking for revision classes with the management and invite me to guide them.

2 Years after my education the Institution had a position vacant for a lecturer of Business Information Technology modules therefore they contacted me and proposed me to deliver lectures officially.

I started off with the delivery of lectures for 1 module which was computer system and after successful completion of delivery of course for 1 year I was asked by management to deliver lectures for all Level 4 Business Information Technology (NCC Education, UK) course Modules.

Being a lecturer I also carry out activities as a marketing executive. Why because I notice a discrepancy from students in Mauritius with regards to our institute therefore during admissions I support all students looking for information about our institute and help them with admissions and guide them for courses which will fit their qualification and career interest for future.

Briefly, what does SNIT Business School offers and its achievements?

In 2020, SNIT Business School will celebrate its 20 years of existence, providing courses in only two faculties which are Information Technology and Business.

Our mission is to provide education to students and to develop students in the best possible way. Student high achiever awards and Top paper awards gain during the years add value to our mission.

What motivated you to be a lecturer at the same institution against all opportunities you may have had within the market?

Giving lectures, teaching, and guiding students need certain talents, I never knew I had them but I was always made realized and motivated by my classmates and with that motivation, I stepped and started my career with SNIT. One-off other reason is SNIT was facing huge competition from other universities therefore it is a challenge to put SNIT among the elites, and for this challenge, I agree to start a career with SNIT. In 3 years we are now slowly being recognized as giving quality education at a very cost-effective price across the Island. Recently we got 1 best achiever award from NCC education, UK  who got distinction in all the modules.

I know one of your students did qualify for a prestigious award from NCC Education. Can you share your achievement, challenges you may have experienced, and what had you motivated?

It was a fruit for the hard work we did during the 3 years. I am honored that my student got such an award. It was very challenging since I had to invest my whole time and energy; sometimes I have to sacrifice my social life for the sake of my students.

What have you learned from being a lecturer that you will want to advise to all within teaching?

 There is a saying that’s always in my mind when I deliver lectures which is

 ‘No such thing as a bad student, only bad teacher.’

We need to find ways to guide and motivate students to learn. We often stick to 1 principle which is not perfect in every situation, therefore we need to adapt and know our students for finding the right ways to make them curious to know more.

Finally, any advice you will want to share with your students or anyone working to be successful? 

My message to all the students, decide your career properly, and know what you have to do to reach there. Make your Path towards your own Success.

Thank You Toraub for having Route2Success publish your success story. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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